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    Tablet carved automatic spraying Case
    Axis automatic spraying equipment is one of our main equipment for the surface of a complex product specially developed multi-axis automatic spraying equipment, cost-effective. Our company has developed a variety of models mature, widely used in the surface coating process a variety of products to address the needs of different shapes surface coating.
    First, the scope
    Automatic spraying tablet carved case can also be used metal plastic, wood furniture, automotive electronics and other automatic spraying.
    Second, the performance characteristics
    1, also known as five-axis automatic spraying equipment automatic spraying machine, five-axis automatic painting machine, man-machine interface, line painting, the frame can be independent of operations, with the excess paint mist curtain cabinet purification, to achieve a clean working area odorless. Air intake filter with FFU, a highly efficient ventilation and filtration of air terminal devices. Fans from the FFU at the top of the air inhaled and HEPA-filtered clean air filtered at the outlet side to 0.45m / s ± 20% of the velocity uniformity to the spray booth.
    2, fixed on the mobile module axis automatic spraying equipment automatic gun to complete the spraying operation, the spray gun can be equipped with a multi-branch, there are many brands and styles to choose from, the main basis to select the spraying process.
    3, reciprocating trajectory, speed and other parameters can be set or monitored via the HMI. Division I with a number of senior software engineers, each machine is equipped with a program as far as possible taking into account the customer's needs, with a powerful, flexible, easy to operate, user-friendly features.
    4, Multi-axis direction combination multifunctional robot for spraying complex shapes, faces and more products.
    Third, the specification parameters
    The main parameters: Power supply: AC220V / 380V
    Reciprocating stroke: the effective stroke 600-800mm (other sizes made min400 ~ max2000)
    Reciprocating speed: up to 2M / s (adjustable)
    Dimensions: Standard size: 2.4 * 2.2 * 2.5M (length * width * height) based on reciprocating stroke change (size can be customized)
    Direction of movement: arm back and forth can be realized, around, up and down movement of the vertical angle of the gun rotation, rotating spray disc, the Grand Duchy of turntable 180 degree rotation.
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