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    Uniaxial machine sprayed metal buttons Product Case

    Uniaxial spraying equipment is one of our main equipment, which is specially developed for flat paint product of an automatic spraying equipment, high cost. This model is widely used in the spraying process on the surface of a variety of products to address the product surface coating of different size requirements.
    First, the scope
    Uniaxial machine sprayed metal button Case product can also be used metal plastic, household items, toys, and other auto glass coating.
    Second, the performance characteristics
    1, a single machine spraying equipment, also known as single-axis painting machine, automatic spray gun fixed on the mobile module uniaxial machine spraying equipment to complete the spraying operation, the spray gun can be equipped with one or two, there are many brands and styles to choose from, the main basis to select the spraying process.
    2, the speed of the uniaxial alignment machine spraying device can be set, and the spray gun size can be adjusted. Division I with a number of senior software engineers, each machine is equipped with a program as far as possible taking into account the customer's needs, with a powerful, flexible, easy to operate, user-friendly features.
    3, only suitable for plane fuel injection, or nearly flat, thin product side, but also for as long as the paint coverage but less demanding uniformity such as buttons, ring, keys, door plates, glass, anti-lacquer, medicine and coatings to protect oil technology. For more details, please contact us.
    Third, the specification parameters
    1, frame outer dimensions: 1 line body L3000 * W800 * H750mm (other sizes can be customized).
    2, the use of silver rails Taiwan 25 series flange type self-lubricating linear track with aluminum slider module, the maximum transmission speed of up to 2.0M / S, long life; belt imported brands with steel belt 5M .
    3, using the tripod 50 * 50mm square pass welding production and with adjustable foot cups (other sizes can be customized).
    4, GB-sixth of the chain, the upper part of the chain of stainless steel wrap, wearing a diameter of 8 mm stainless steel bar, is characterized by high temperature solid, width 620 mm, total length of 6.5 m (other sizes can be customized).
    5, the power section: 1HP gear motor with 1HP love profit inverter, a transmission parts (adjustable speed range 0-6M).

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