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    Rotary UV Tester Case
    UV machine is our main equipment in a class, the type of equipment for special paint drying and the development of a drying equipment, good stability, high cost. The company according to different customer needs, develop more different types of UV machine type.
    First, the scope
    The rotary UV tester can be used for iPhone, iPad and game consoles glass coating, and surface drying test other artifacts.
    Second, the performance characteristics
    1, the rotary machine with UV lamp UV test for heat drying of the workpiece on the turntable, and with a speed dial function.
    2, the rotary UV testing machine can accurately control the UV lamp heating time, the drying time of the workpiece to the nearest second;
    3, the rotary UV tester fine shape compact, powerful, does not occupy space.
    Third, the specification parameters
    The main parameters: Power supply: AC380V
    Rotation parts: 25W electronic speed motor with a governor, the speed is adjustable; circular tray and a drive shaft, precision manufacture
    UV light: The set of 2kw UV light source
    Irradiation distance: Adjustable
    Total energy: 100-2000MJ
    Cooling part: forced air cooling with centrifugal blower told Taiwan, equipped with exhaust pipes, can effectively reduce product and the furnace temperature, increase lamp life.
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