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    Case-axis reciprocating machine
    Division I-axis reciprocating machine is one of the main equipment, depending on the product design requirements of different spray coating solutions.
    First, the scope
    Triaxial reciprocating automatic spraying case can also be used metal plastic, wood furniture, automotive electronics and other automatic spraying.
    Second, the performance characteristics
    1, three-axis reciprocating machine, also known as three-axis automatic spraying machine, three-axis automatic painting machine, the three-axis reciprocating machine with rotating automatic line, with six guns, automatic online transported workpieces paint job, very efficient.
    2, running track, speed and other parameters of the three-axis reciprocating machine can be set or monitored via the HMI. Division I with a number of senior software engineers, each machine is equipped with a program as far as possible taking into account the customer's needs, with a powerful, flexible, easy to operate, user-friendly features.
    Third, the specification parameters
    The main parameters: Power supply: AC220V / 380V
    Reciprocating stroke: Effective vertical stroke 600-800mm (other sizes made min400 ~ max2000)
    Reciprocating speed: up to 2M / s (adjustable)
    Motion direction: left and right arm can be achieved, moving up and down, up and down direction of the rotation angle of the gun.
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