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    Mini-automatic line spray plastic cylinder Product Case

    Mini-automatic line spraying equipment is one of our main equipment, which is a product specially developed for the cylindrical an automatic spraying equipment, cost-effective. The company has developed a number of models mature, widely used in the surface coating process a variety of products, response surface coating of different size requirements.
    First, the scope
    Mini-automatic line spray plastic cylindrical case product can also be used metal plastic, daily necessities, toys and other automatic spraying.
    Second, the performance characteristics
    1, also known as mini-automatic line spraying equipment automatic mini-line, automatic painting line, compact layout, highly practical.
    2, fixed on the mobile module line mini automatic spraying equipment automatic gun to complete the spraying operation, the spray gun can be equipped with one or more branches, there are many brands and styles to choose from, the main basis to select the spraying process.
    3, take the mini-line speed automatic line can be set, and the spray gun size can be adjusted. Division I with a number of senior software engineers, each machine is equipped with a program as far as possible taking into account the customer's needs, with a powerful, flexible, easy to operate, user-friendly features.
    4, mini wire: only suitable for automatic painting round or cylindrical type.
    Third, the specification parameters
    1, frame outer dimensions: length 1500mm × 1500mm × height 800mm depth
    2, the power parts: a 0.5HP gear motors ,, ratio of 1: 120, using linear speed 0.5HP Taiwanese love Deli brand inverter adjust speed line body of 0-6 m / min adjustable;
    3, the chain: the chain using standard coating line with a jig, aluminum round bar rail card, GB sprocket guide, the rack 50 * 50 square pass welding P205 fixed sprocket bearing frame.
    4, friction steering system. Tank before reversing means there are two electronic speed motor drives. Speed can be adjusted as needed.
    5, the upper and lower area of the desktop package member made of stainless steel plate.

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