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Dishwasher liner (oven) production line technical specifications

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First, use:

For baking liner and asphalt damping dishwasher inner door, namely: in the five-sided dishwasher liner (up, down, left, right, after the five-sided) and the back of the dishwasher door, pasted bitumen damper plate, in the case of a high temperature, the asphalt damping plate attached to the dishwasher interior dishwasher inner door and the back. Be smooth, no shift, no bubbles, no Qiaojiao Alice phenomenon.
Second, the process and requirements:

Oven production line furnace heating up fast, uniform temperature furnace, furnace insulation good. Line body speed smoothly and infinitely adjustable. The furnace temperature was controlled at 185 ℃ --220 ℃, (noted in asphalt damping sheet thickness adjust the temperature) of the workpiece within the furnace run time control 30S (according to the thickness of asphalt damping plate and workpiece quality adjustment).
Third, the technical requirements:

1, bake, wall thickness: outer wall insulation requirements to achieve the effect of ambient temperature; within the wall thickness of 1.5mm (stainless steel mirror panels), an outer wall thickness of 1.5mm cold plate, the outer wall paint color is blue;
2, bake the upper work surface height from the ground: 600mm.
3, transmission lines: delivery lines T100 plate chain conveyor or pin (bearing temperature must meet the normal requirements) conveyors, frequency control V = 0.5 ~ 6m / min, the requirements of aesthetic appearance, smooth running, no climbing shaking phenomenon the intensity drying conveyor line must be able to withstand pressure of more than 500kg ;;
4, equipment installation and reasonable maintenance port for easy equipment maintenance;
5, Stow: Stow requires the ability to use temperature to ensure that no black, no blistering or cracking;
6, gear motor: Taiwan into the state;
7, heating tube: Heat pipe using infrared light waves or infrared tube, use peculiar brand Philips brand or other brands, not the end of life of 1 year and provide normal spare parts procurement channels; heating pipe installation requirements for protective devices must be able to ensure bake meet the requirements.
8, heating pipe control requirements divided into three groups, according to requirements can be achieved using only group 1, group 2 or 3 groups of heating;
9, in the bake temperature accuracy: temperature error of ± 2 ℃;
10, the electronic control apparatus: OMRON temperature controller, Schneider or Ivory brand solid state relays, Omron or a table instrument brand power regulator, Mitsubishi inverter and other equipment;
11, automatic detection: disabled ultra realize bake for 20 minutes, automatically shut down;
12, cable or use Narita Thai Cable Factory Guangdong Cable;
13, plate chain conveyor line for an inverter, the end of a conveyor line protection switch in place;
14, the liner bake door (gate): drying tunnel out into the requirements of semi-automatic control (except for the use of pneumatic transmission mode); bake in the door using door gate, requirements can be achieved manually adjust the height of the door;
15, Drapes: bake door mounted behind a curtain (high temperature, strain damping), reduce the cooling effect can be achieved;
16, the guide bar: Bake on both sides in the bottom of the installation of a guide strip, liner shipping collision avoidance procedure bake the inner wall;
17 alarm display: bake Importers region of each configuration a red warning lights sound and light, abnormal manually, before the end of the increase in "demand" indicator;
Fourth, the main technical parameters:

parameter name
The total length of the furnace
The length of the feed end
The length of the discharge end
Furnace length
Line width
Door cross-sectional dimension
680 × 700
Line body speed
M / min
rated power
35 ± 5%
Rated voltage
The maximum temperature

Common Operating Temperature

Heating element
Note: In the case meet the above requirements, to ensure that the baking effect interior, interior doors.
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