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Uniaxial reciprocating machine instructions

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Uniaxial reciprocating machine introduced

Single-axis reciprocating machine, a sport mode relatively simple single reciprocating spray equipment, spray gun set speed and stroke reciprocating motion, the range of motion is limited and can only uniaxial reciprocating motion, to spray effect, so single-axis machines Specifications uncertain, hence instructions are slightly different for each machine will be using an operating instructions, special plane, the operating instructions as will be described in detail uniaxial machine equipment and operational requirements.
First, the single-axis machine specifications
Uniaxial reciprocating machine maximum stroke is limited to 1300mm, spraying operations can not exceed this range!
Second, the equipment operation
1, the boot
Press the start button, automatically switched back to the origin
Click to enter the system
2, function selection
After entering the system displays the page

3, parameter settings
The first time you use or need to change the parameters, click into the page

Click on the corresponding data are set back to the original speed setting range 0 ~ 500mm / s, reciprocating speed range 0 ~ 2000mm / s, gun travel range 0 ~ 1300mm.
Or click to enter the page

Point Set the parameters, the delay setting range is 0 ~ 2500s, the gun can be opened manually click Open, click to turn off again.
4, into the work
Usually only a product of a data set, which is only set once, and then enter the "Function Select" screen page can click directly into work

Homing is automatically switched on when the power so you can click directly into the working state, click To stop, pay attention after stopping must click on the "Reset"
(Reset, homing) only after resetting the "start" button to click is valid, if not the first homing the "start" button is not clickable.

Third, pay attention
1, machine maintenance and maintenance
Machinery and equipment for high-speed movement, there must be a long-running screw loosening and wear and tear of individual components, the user needs to view all parts of the equipment each week is abnormal, must be promptly tighten loose screws, deformation and wear of other components or strange noises to discover, the situation can not be resolved to get in touch with the manufacturer! In order to promptly obtain the correct solution to the problem!
Always check the lubricating rail, timely injection of lubricating oil, to ensure minimum machine wear and tear, normal operation.
2, the security warning
This machine is a high-speed reciprocating equipment, so the work is running or not accessible to people close to the operation of the components, to avoid injury, set the device to work in the glass door is closed, to avoid accidents.
3, standard operation
Please follow the requirements of the operating instructions to operate the equipment, not free to not follow the standard operation of the device, for violation of the instructions for use and the consequences of all accidents resulting from the operation, borne by the consumer, our company does not assume any related liability, please pay attention. We recommend the development of safe operating instructions, the person responsible for managing system operation, in order to facilitate the normal use of the equipment.

Fourth, the cause of the malfunction and troubleshooting approach
Possible failure
Cause Analysis
Abnormal stop
Reciprocating process exceeds the limit
Power restart
Cycle power will homing
The trial period expires
Get License
Pop-up reminders page
Circuit Fault
Call electrician check circuit
If the manufacturer unknown seek help
Gun oil poor
Tubing plug
Check the oil is smooth
Pressure is not enough
Pressure adjustment
Circuit Fault
Call electrician check circuit
If the manufacturer unknown seek help

Note: After shutdown, in any case, we must first reset and then start! ! During the fault state charged under the machine Do not enter the spray area!
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