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Three anti-paint coating machine, details it will not be unfamiliar. How to properly use three anti-paint coating machine, how to use more effectively, and help reduce errors, the next step and we have a conversation about this topic.

1, cleaning and baking sheet, remove moisture and moisture. The surface of the object to be coated must first dust, moisture and oil addition to the net, so that it fully play its protective efficacy. Ensures thorough cleaning corrosive residues are completely removed, and three anti-paint adheres well to the surface of the circuit board. Baking sheet conditions: 60 ° C, 10-20 minutes, remove the hot oven coated better.
2, start the three anti-paint coater coating, spray gun area should be larger than the area occupied by the device, in order to ensure full coverage and the device pad.
3, when the device is coated flat plate as much as possible, spray gun spray evenly on the device, to ensure a uniform thickness of paint.
4. Before using three anti-paint, to ensure that the product is diluted sufficiently stirred, and before brushing or spraying, stand for 2 hours. Use of high-quality natural fiber brush, gently brushing in the case of dip coating at room temperature. Such as the use of machinery, the viscosity of the coating should be measured (viscosity agent or flow cup), use thinner to adjust the viscosity.
5. Circuit board assembly is immersed in the paint should be perpendicular to the worse. Connectors Do not immersed unless carefully covered board shall be immersed for 1 minute, until the bubbles disappear, then slowly come up. The board surface will form a uniform film. Most paint residue should be allowed to dip back into the film machine from the board. Circuit boards or components immersion speed is not too fast to avoid excessive air bubbles.
6. After spraying flat on the stand, ready to solidify, heating method is needed to accelerate the coating curing. If the coated surface is uneven or contains air bubbles, being placed in a high temperature oven cured should be placed some more time at room temperature to allow the solvent flashed off.
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