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How to buy industrial ovens

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How to buy an oven (or some plants called oven, barn, etc.)? This is a plant of the personnel responsible for procurement, it is definitely a problem up, right. I have also done a buyer, also have this experience.
Usually people do smart point, manufacturers will find a few years, the demand for the factory's own introduction to the manufacturers, so the manufacturers helped to give the final appropriate parameters and specifications. OK! This is indeed a good way most easy to do, but here I sell the oven to professionals for everyone to be detailed instructions, ensure that you read on the proficient. Hundred percent will not be fooled, absolutely can buy genuine product.
Then the text says. Electric oven, mainly for industrial products, automatic temperature heating this piece, such as a silk screen of the drying, the drying of moisture, LED products baking, AC adapter (small motors) baking, and other products. The first is the size of our own factory to figure out how much of the oven is appropriate, or in accordance with the requirements of the plant is in line with the requirements. As such it must communicate with the procurement department to use good, understand their needs, such as the size of empty cabinets ah they said as long as the width of 800mm, depth 600mm, height 1000mm size of it. Or shop gives tray used size 790 * 590mm, a stove to put 10 layers, then we can know it can put a tray of oven ten layers of inner dimensions of the space. The maximum height of each floor is the height plus the thickness of the workpiece pallet and then zoom in a 20mm almost the same.
Determine the size of the oven cavity, and then is sheet material, temperature, temperature control precision, cabinets or shelves to put the cart straight advance to go, what baked products. These are very important. For example, not a professional manufacturer careful not to ask each of you here, put the oven ready. Get over to you to use. Fortunately, the beginning is not a problem, a long time hidden danger came. Not professional manufacturers susceptible to problems within the plate too thin, or silk screen printing ink drying without a corresponding explosion-proof equipment. The question came. A thin plate temperature over time, variations on the board, it is difficult to see, the customer can not see, or else let you rebuy; the latter problem is likely to occur, happened one day box is inside the baking process when the evaporation of the ink out of the water that day, the concentration is too explosive to the point of explosion occurred. It may hurt people dead. This can be that bad. The boss will also some into trouble. This accident, however big or small, and who do not want to happen, but buy something if you understand many things, not freeloaders, but will then know what it is shining.
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