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    Water pollution anti-fingerprint syrup automatic spraying equipment

    Water pollution anti-fingerprint syrup automatic spraying equipment Details
    First, the scope
    Dedicated to the anti-fingerprint waterproof antifouling paint it can also be used in paints, chemical medicine and other automatic spraying.
    Second, the performance characteristics
    1, reciprocating spraying machine spraying robot, also known as man-machine interface, line painting, but also in a separate rack of operations, with the excess paint mist curtain cabinet purification, to achieve the working area clean and odor-free. Clean air inlet filter with FFU, a highly efficient ventilation and air filtration means fans from the top end of the air inhaled and FFU HEPA-filtered, filtered at the outlet side to 0.45m / s ± 20% of the wind speed even to the spray booth.
    2, fixed on the mobile module automatically reciprocating machine gun to complete the spraying operation, the spray gun can be equipped with one or more branches, there are many brands and styles to choose from, the main basis to select the spraying process.
    3, reciprocating trajectory, speed and other parameters can be set or monitored via the HMI. Division I with a number of senior software engineers, each machine is equipped with a program as far as possible taking into account the customer's needs, with a powerful, flexible, easy to operate, user-friendly features.
    Third, the specification parameters
    The main parameters: Power supply: AC220V / 380V
    Reciprocating stroke: Effective stroke 400mm (other sizes made min400 ~ max2000)
    Transport width: 400m (other sizes can be customized)
    Conveying speed: 3 ~ 12M / min (adjustable)
    Reciprocating speed: up to 2M / s (adjustable)
    Transportation methods: PVC belt drive (stick type can be customized for the chain drive)
    Dimensions: L2150 × W1230 × H1850mm (size can be customized)

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