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    UV curing oven

    UV curing oven Details

    Outline Part I: Dimensions: total length of 2 meters and 0.6 meters wide, the distance from the ground belt is 0.75 meters and network bandwidth is 0.5 m, 0.5 m long feed section (with hood), a material portion 0.5 m long, inlet height of 0.25 m, with adjustable tailgate, can adjust the height of the inlet shell is made of 1.5 cm cold plate bending from the inner shell with galvanized sheet, the whole surface of the high-temperature electrostatic spray, the bottom with there are fixed foot cups caster and steering movement of the set.

    2. Power section: Power 380V, 1KW, three-phase five-wire system. With independent electrical control box.

    3. Transmission parts: 40W electronic speed motor with a governor, the speed is adjustable uniform 0.5-5 meters; imported Teflon mesh belt conveyor for, supporting rollers of zinc, the nose and tail with steel Seiki manufacture.

    The light source parts: 2 sets of 2KW UV light source. Copper envelope transformer with Beijing Blue Sky halogen lamp. Import quartz tube equipped with independently insulated cold mirror, which effectively prevent the infrared radiation to heat the product to be protected from high temperature impact of its products. The height of the lamp can be adjusted up and down.

    (5) Part ventilation: forced air cooling, UV region's unique air inlet shutters and independent small doors always open for easy cleaning with high-speed centrifugal blower 1, power 0.37KW, bottom with ventilation pipes, can effectively reduce the temperature of the product and UV furnace, increase lamp life.

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