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    Five Axis Double Disc Automatic Spray Paint Machine

    Five Axis Double Disc Automatic Spray Paint Machine Details

    Production Features:

    The five axis reciprocating spraying machine with air spraying system will help you get a good coating film and reduce the manual cost. The details  are as follows.

    1. This machine is widely used in many industry. Generally speaking , standard type of this machine has two product tray. If you want to buy a machine with four product tray, then you will get double yield under the premise of high quality coating.

    2. It is easy to debug the machine. You can finish debugging for usual product in 15 minutes. The program writing of machine is regard one plane of product as a program segment. When you finish setting the start point , end point and the spraying speed, then you have finished a program segment. After finish every program of plane, then the complete program is finished.

    3.This machine has continuous spraying method and step spraying method.

    4.It has the standard machine for tray 600*600mm 800*800mm,Or customized five axis spray paint machine for kettle,bowl,plates etc, You can import and export the parameter by the U-disk to your computer to edit them.

    5.It is easy to use this machine ,and you can store 160 programs of product. The machine operated by fully digital computer.

    Product Specification:


    Control system

    1.The PLC use TAIWAN FATEK Brand
    2. The HMI use Beijing MCGS Brand 7 inch Color touch screen
    3.The air switch use the CHINT brand components

    4.The switching power supply use the Taiwan MEANWELL power

    5.The Proximity switch and reply use the Japan OMRAON brand

    Aluminium profile module

    Our own mold

    Drive system

    The servo motor driving use Taiwan DELTA brand

    Transmission system

    1.Aluminum profile module
    2.Taiwan HIWIN Linear guide rail
    3.Taiwan HIWIN Silent slide
    4.Precision synchronous wheel
    5.Italy MEGADYNE synchronous belt with steel wire

    6.Rack and pinion drive
    7.positioning accuracy difference ±1mm

    Product exchange platform

    1.Precision splitter:Flange Model 140/180DF, high precision, high speed
    2.The motor adopts Taiwan imported WANSIN drive motor

    3.tricrystal transducer control

    Product rotation platform

    1..Precision splitter
    2.Can be 90 degrees, 180 degrees rotation, continuous rotation

    Spray gun

    1.Automatic spraying guns: WA-101 series automatic spraying. the calibre is 1.0mm2.The power use Janpan SAMSR stepping motor3.The degree of horizontal travel for the gun: 0-180 degree

    Programming mode

    Off line programming

    Power supply


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