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Brake Pads spray powder  Production Line

Brake Pads spray powder Production Line

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The Xinqinfeng Brake Pads Painting Production Line is the perfect solution for anyone enthusiastic about improving the effectiveness and speed associated with the braking system pads procedure that is painting. Beautifully made with the technology that is latest, this product was made to generally meet using the quality requirements which may be highest and will be proclaiming to offer you an easy and dependable experience.

You realize how crucial it is to maintain requirements that are high-quality the items if you should be a automobile maker or operate in an auto mechanic shop. You raise your workflow, or perhaps a more substantial business interested in a dependable, top-notch option, this system is the perfect choice you are a little operation searching for a tool to greatly help for you whether.

The Xinqinfeng Brake Pads Painting Production Line features advanced automation technology that enables someone to streamline the artwork process, eliminating errors and ensuring a quick and production that is high-quality. The unit is made with components being an easy task to run and keep, so that you will not have to bother about technical difficulties or upkeep that is complicated.

This Brake Pads Painting Production Line is likewise fashioned with safety in mind. Fashioned with more impressive range security features, your operation can continue aided by the peace of mind that workers will be able to work in a accountable and environment that is protected.

Our item isn't just efficient, and also versatile. The Xinqinfeng Brake Pads Painting Production Line provides you with the flexibility to customize the configuration according to your preferences. You could add or subtract components to generally meet with your needs that are certain that will help you tailor the system to fit your manufacturing capacity and never having to overspend.

Moreover, with your rich experience and solution that is excellent we offer customers with timely and advice that is professional assistance, helping them to obtain the right painting line that a lot of useful suits their needs.

At Xinqinfeng, we realize that the particular time is valuable, and that's why we now have caused it to be our priority so that the upkeep and installation procedure may be smooth and hassle-free possible. Our professionals being skilled allow you to through every action for the process to hold your production get into line and running at peak performance.

Production Features:


  • Online automatic powder coating line for brake pads,simplify the middle stage from the human load-download workpiece

  • Fully enclosed spray pattern,reduce environmental pollution and man-made damage

  • Steady quality,spraying evenly

  • Automatic spraying,high efficiency, Save labor cost

  • Spraying degugging is simple within ten mins,The program is easy to operate

  • Factory Price,Competitive price

  • High quality,One year Warranty

  • With the powder collector, Recycle devices,docking device

 Product Specification:




The conveyor line
(1 set)

1. The conveyor line size: L3000 X W800 X H1050mm, the racks use detachable design.

2. The foot stool is made of welding 50x50mm stainless steel box section. The foot of machine is equipped with the adjustable foot cup within 30mm.

3. Adopt PVC Danish green conveyor belt, the total length of the belt is 6 meters

4. The body is made of 2.5mm welding stainless steel box section.

4. The power system: The motor use taiwan WANSHSIN brand 1HP gear reducer motor.The transducer use The taiwan DELTA brand 1HP frequency converter. A set of transmission shaft, transmission parts are equipped with.(the speed range is within 0.5-2m/min)

5.1 set of automatic powder cleaning device

Spraying Booth
(  1 set  )


1. The Paint booth size is W1400mm×D2290mm×H3000mm

2. Operation method: automatic spraying.

3. Operating wind speed: the average wind speed at the opening after spraying is 0.4m/s.

4. Powder recovery method: the filter element is directly recovered, with an automatic pulse backwash system.

5. Specifications: The shape is W1800mm×H2500mm×D1900mm.

6. Main body material: 1.2mm202 stainless steel plate is used for the side plate, and 1.2mm202 stainless steel plate veneer is used for the bottom plate.

6. Lighting: 1 set of dust-proof fluorescent lamp 30W.

7. Fan model: medium-pressure high-speed centrifugal fan, air volume and pressure: 2000m3/h, static pressure 1500pa, motor: 3KW, 380V.

8. Filter tube: The material is pleated fiber non-woven fabric, the smallest filter size is Φ325*L600.

9. Control electrical appliances: timers, relays, relay switches and indicator lights all adopt the Chint series.

10. Pulse control: electronic digital display time relay, pulse width 1-60s, pulse interval 1-60, minute optional.

11. Backflush: Pulse nozzles, equipped with 4 pcs.

12. Gas storage tank: 1 Φ120×600.

13. 1 set of automatic recycling and sieving mechanism



Single Axis Reciprocating engine

( 1 set)




1.The Effective spraying width: 800MM.

2. It adopts 65*65 special aluminum material for reciprocating machine, 400W Delta servo motor, and special timing belt.

3. PLC adopts Taiwan FATEK brand with adjustable speed. The stroke is adjustable.

4. The touch screen adopts 7-inch MCGS communication mode. All adjustable parameters can be directly reflected. Brief section of key operation.

5. 5M type synchronous wheel drive. The reciprocating synchronous belt adopts L special steel wire belt type.

6. Taiwan HIWIN 25 series flange-type self-lubricating linear track, equipped with aluminum alloy module slider, linear slide bearing, single slide reciprocating transfer, McGaudi timing belt.

7. The speed is 0-1.5 meters per second.

8. The opening of the spray gun can be realized on the touch screen, electric box panel, photoelectric switch, etc.

9. 2 pcs domestic automatic powderElectrostatic spray guns

Product Pictures:

Brake pads coating-3.jpgBrake pads coating-5.jpgBrake pads coating-4.jpgBrake pads coating-7.jpgBrake pads coating-6.jpgBrake pads coating-15.jpgBrake pads coating-14.jpgBrake pads coating-16.jpg









Brake pads coating-12.jpgBrake pads coating-2.jpg


Company Information

 Shenzhen Xinqinfeng industrial equipment co., LTD. was established in 2004.The products are sold to various regions of mainland China and foreign countries.From a development department,Xinqinfeng has become a professional manufacturers which currently specializing in non-standard automatic mechanical Equipments development, design and production, with standard large plant and advanced production equipment.After years of unremitting efforts and accumulation, Now Xinqinfeng specializes in industrial automation equipment with considerable scale and strength.

Main products include industry surface automatic painting, automatic drying, as well as automatic spraying the entire plant planning, designing and manufacturing, as well as industrial robots, robots, automation equipment and other non-standard test equipment. 


Main Products:

  • Whole factory plastic parts automatic dust coating equipment

  • Whole plant metal products electrostatic coating equipment

  • Whole factory furniture electrostatic coating equipment

  • Whole plant locomotive, motorcycle coating equipment

  • Manipulator, Spraying robot etc Industrial Robot equipment

  • Automatic UV curing furnace line

  • Fully automatic electrostatic dust removal equipment

  • DISK automatic electrostatic coating equipment

  • All kinds of Drying,silk-screen equipment

  • All kinds of PVC/SUS belt,Nylon conveyor equipment

  • Teflon/Ceramic powder /PE immersion high temperature equipment

  • All kinds of Water Curtain Booth etc equipment

  • High level Air Supply System

  • Waste water/waste gas recycling system

  • Whole plant electroplating coating equipment

  • Whole factory electrophoresis coating equipment



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