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Hydrographic drying machine

Hydrographic drying machine

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Hydrographic Drying Machine, the answer is clear ultimate all of your drying needs. Fashioned with cutting-edge technology and high-grade materials, this device is drying your hydrographic prints are dry out quickly and effortlessly.

The Xinqinfeng Hydrographic Drying Machine is fantastic for those that end up buying reliable and hassle-free solution is drying. Its practical design makes it easy to take advantage of, while its effective system is drying that your particular images dry very quickly.

This device is drying appropriate for a myriad of hydrographic movies and offers constant results each and each time. All of it whether you're looking after a tiny or major project, this machine are designed for.

The Xinqinfeng Hydrographic Drying Machine includes a program is user-friendly makes it simple to work. It features a feeling screen display offering you with step-by-step information on the process is drying just like the temperature and time. This permits anyone to modify the settings predicated on your specific requirements, providing you with control is complete of method that drying.

The machine is drying features multiple racks, letting you dry multiple prints during the same time. This feature is particular decreases enough time that drying making it perfect for high-volume publishing tasks.

The Xinqinfeng Hydrographic Drying Machine is built to last, with a durable and construction is certainly robust. It really is made out of top-quality materials and this can be resistant to wear and tear, making it will probably withstand heavy usage over a period is extended.

This machine is drying simple to keep, by having a straightforward cleaning procedure that requires effort is minimum. It really is made to be energy-efficient, cutting your power costs and contributing to a much more environment is sustainable.


Product Description

Production Features:

  • 1.      The material of effective drying liner is 304 stainless steel, with      high cleanliness feature.

  • 2. with      opening type design, very portable and convenient to test and maintenance.

  • 3.      The adjustable foot cup and the universal wheel is equipped easy to      transport and install.

  • 4.The      conveyor speed can be adjustable according to your requirements

  • 5.The      touch screen with PLC control can be provided 

  • 6.      Inside and outside of produce is heated evenly, the quality is stable, not      deformed, not discolored.

  • 7.      It can be used with the automatic spraying line and production line, which      can effectively control the labor, reducing the handing, reducing the bad product,      saving time.

  • 8.      The temperature can be controller in sections to adapt the change of product,      the reasonable temperature curve make the quality more stablemate-explosion      and environmental protection.

  • 9.      The shell surface temperature is almost 40℃, can be touch by hand, which      can reduce the energy consumption. The working environment will be more      comfortable.


Product Specification:






The conveyor line of Drying oven

Size:L2200mm×W600mm×H750mm(Qty:1pcs )



The body of equipment is made of 1.2t 50# box section. The   foot of the machine is made of welding 50x50 steel box section. The foot   stool is equipped with M12 adjustable foot cup. The adjustable height is   1050±20. the feeding area is 1m,the heating area is 1m


The conveyor line

The conveyor adopts the Teflon high temperature mesh belt   with black double knit. The effective width is 400mm



The motor use the Taiwan imported 40W electronic speed   regulating motor. The

Main speed ratio of gearbox is 1:60 and the speed of the   conveyor is 0.1-2m/min.


Driving System

A set of seamless tube precision machinery processing and   production of the transmission chain wheel, a set of belt pulley.


Painting color

Computer white electrostatic powder coating


Drying furnace cover

Size:L1000mm×W510mm×H100mm(Quantity: 1pcs)


The outside plate material

The outside plate is made of 1.2t folding welding cold   plate. The inner plate is made of 1.0t galvanized sheets. The thick of heat   insulation layer is 50mm.


The electrical heated tube

It uses quartz infrared heating tube, the power is   4KW/set.



The design temperature is adjusted from room temperature   to 250℃.


Wind Motor

The wind motor use 60W vertical high temperature resistant   motor, which is equipped with 4 inch fan blade to form wind system.


Electronic Controller

The temperature-controller uses the Japan RKC digital   display temperature controller. The control circuits has electric relay   switch with indicator light, electric relay, contactor etc. and it has the   overload protection.

Product Pictures:

 Tunnel furnace-1.jpgTunnel furnace-2.jpgTunnel furnace-3.jpgTunnel furnace-4.jpgTunnel furnace-5.jpgTunnel Furnace-6.jpg