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PVD Mult-Arc Aluminum Vacuum Coating Plating Machine

PVD Mult-Arc Aluminum Vacuum Coating Plating Machine

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Brand: Xinqinfeng

The Xinqinfeng PVD Multi-Arc Aluminum Vacuum Coating Plating device is without question mortgage loan this is certainly high this is actually intended to enable you to achieve finish this is certainly top may be completed any aluminum area. This machine is good for used in a number that is genuine of, including automotive, aerospace, and devices which are electronic. That is definitely a must-have for people who want to achieve a top-quality, long-lasting finish with their aluminum services and products.
This revolutionary product was created to utilize the procedure called PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) to produce a layer this is certainly aluminum this is certainly noteworthy. This method involves the utilization of vacuum pressure cleaner chamber this is certainly high in aluminum particles. These particles are then excited with an industry that is high voltage is electric which causes them to condense into the part that is specific of aluminum. This method creates a finish this is certainly very durable is resistant to put on, scratches, and corrosion.
The Xinqinfeng PVD Multi-Arc Aluminum Vacuum Coating Plating device is simple to work well with. You simply place your aluminum product within the cleaner turn and chamber to the device. The apparatus will quickly produce then a PVD coating, and you will view once the kinds which are complete the top aluminum.
Perhaps very impressive top attributes of this system are its multi-arc technology. This technology enables the apparatus to produce a finish this can extremely be definitely consistent the aluminum this is certainly top. Additionally, it permits the operational system to produce a variety this is certainly wide of at first through the aluminum, that'll be ideal for producing finishes which are customized.
The Xinqinfeng PVD Multi-Arc Aluminum Vacuum Coating Plating machine may be extremely efficient. It really works through the true number this is certainly low of and demands very maintenance that is little. This implies it really is a solution this is certainly very anyone that is economical needs to coat aluminum surfaces on a basis this is certainly regular.

Product Description


Evaporation coating equipment: vertical, horizontal. Machinable products include: mobile phone, DVD, MP3, PDA shells, buttons; cosmetic shells; craft gifts, toys, Christmas gifts; Machinable materials include: ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, nylon, metal, Poly , glass, ceramics, TPU, etc. The electroplating effects are: ordinary electroplating bright surface, matte surface (semi-dumb, full-dumb), process electroplating wrinkles, wire drawing, raindrops, colorful, etc.; electroplating colors are: gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, etc.


Magnetron sputtering + evaporation coating equipment: vertical, horizontal. It is a multifunctional and efficient coating equipment. Rotary magnetron rake, middle rake twin sputtering rake, unbalanced magnetron sputtering rake, DC pulse superimposed bias power supply, etc. can be configured according to user requirements. , glass, ceramics, etc.) workpieces coated with aluminum, copper, chromium, titanium, silver, stainless steel and other metal films or non-metallic and metal-infiltrated DLC films, the coating layer is uniform, dense, and has strong adhesion and other characteristics, which can be widely used in Home appliances, clocks, arts and crafts, toys, car lamp reflectors, mobile phone button shells and instrumentation and other surface decorative coatings and functional coatings for tools and molds.


Multi-arc ion coating equipment: We have matured in the design and processing of this coating equipment, and have been stable in the coating and coating of tools for a variety of ultra-hard ceramic films, including titanium nitride (Tin), titanium carbide (Tic), titanium nitride (Titanium carbide) ( TiCn), zirconium nitride (Zrn), chromium nitride (Crn), titanium aluminum nitride (TiAln), etc. After proper film processing, the life of the workpiece can be increased by 3 to 10 times. It can reduce costs, increase production efficiency and improve product quality. Widely used: craft ceramics, cutting tool industry: such as carbide, drill, milling cutter and other cutting tools. Precision mold industry: standard punch molds, forming molds, etc. Automobile industry: easy-wear parts such as pistons and piston rings.

Process Flow of Spray Painting
Spray the base UV paint---UV Curing----PVD Vacuum coating machine----Spray the top UV paint---UV curing.



Overview: Evaporative coating device uses resistance heating method in a vacuum chamber to melt and vaporize the metal wire (aluminum wire) that is close to the resistance wire, and the vaporized metal molecules are deposited on the substrate to obtain smooth and high reflection. The high-efficiency film layer achieves the purpose of decorating and beautifying the surface of the item.

Features: Reasonable structure, uniform film layer, good film quality, high pumping speed, short working cycle, high production efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption and stable performance.

Uses: automobiles, audio, various small appliances, computers, watches, toys, mobile phones, reflectors, cosmetics, toys and other industries.

Machinable materials: ABS, PS, PP, PC, PVC, Nylon, Metal, Poly, Glass, Ceramic, TPU, etc.




Our Services


       1. Offer professional advice and provide the best solution for the customer

2. According to customer's needs or requirements, Our engineer will offer the drawing and solution for you.

3. We will offer the competitive price according to the customer's solution       


1. We will send the engineers for onsite installation, commissioning and operation training.

2. We will provide fault handing service and lifetime warranty.

3. We provide 1 year warranty for each machine.

4. We will contact you back periodically to learn machine conditions.

5. We also provide the service for further extension on your existing machine.


Company Information



Is it safe to order from XINQINFENG? Yes,100% sure you are safe to order from us. XINQINFENG exported to many countries and we are the famous factory produce spray equipment more than 17 years in China.

How to delivery?
By sea for big order ,by courier for small order ,by airlines.

How to pay?
We accept the paypal ( but credit card not accepted),Western Union ,Bank transfer , money gram,etc.

Which model should I choose?
When spray specially metallic powders, according to your product shapes and the coating job details. For example, need to change colors often or only few colors, then choose the box feed unit or hopper feed unit. The small hopper unit is good for lab test or small work.

Can I customized the machines?
Yes, we are a professional team for powder coating equipments, Our technician will design for you specially according to your needs and your factory, workpiece etc information.

What should I offer if I want to customized the machine?
a. Your factory available for the equipment dimension by L x W x H
b. Your max workpiece or product weight and size by L x W x H
c. Your product surface condiation(with oil or dust?) and some pictures if possible
d. Your output capacity(for machine line)
e. Your industrial electric power in V-Phase-Hz.

Can you install for us?
Yes, we can install overseas for you. But the engineers overseas installation cost, round trip air tickets, accommodation, meals and transport charges are on the buyers.