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Airless Paint Linear Spray Machine For wooden sheet

Airless Paint Linear Spray Machine For wooden sheet

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Xinqinfeng's Airless Paint Linear Spray Machine may be the solution is ultimate solution for anybody who really wants to paint wood sheets efficiently and flawlessly. This device boasts a sturdy and design this is certainly focus that is innovative your complete spray painting needs with ease. This airless paint linear spray device is actually a must-have device in your workshop whether you're a professional if not a DIY enthusiast.


The Xinqinfeng Airless Paint Linear Spray Machine guarantees precision artwork of every surface this is certainly wooden as a total result of their advanced technology. The device operates on airless spray technology and offers a constant and spray that is constant, eliminating unsightly overspray. Having a stress that is maximum of and 2 horsepower motor, this spray device is capable of possibly the artwork jobs being toughest.


Why is this machine stick out is its paint this is certainly unique application that is linear? The Airless Paint Linear Spray Machine For wooden sheet receive the same and layer that is consistent of. The Airless Paint Linear Spray Machine For wooden sheet is especially perfect for wooden sheets anyone to paint narrower panels with relative simplicity because it allows.


There is more; this Airless Paint Linear Spray Machine For wooden sheet is made for effectiveness and convenience. It comes down having a bucket that is paint a sprayer weapon, rendering it an task that is easy clean after use. The sprayer gun is made for user convenience, having a grip comfortable and easy-to-use trigger device. The Airless Paint Linear Spray Machine For wooden sheet can hold as much as 15 liters of paint, minimizing the need for regular refills.


Durability is crucial when it comes to workshop tools; this is exactly why Xinqinfeng's Airless Paint Linear Spray Machine is built to final. These devices’ human anatomy was created with high-quality steel that is stainless coated with electrostatic powder, making it resistant to rust and corrosion. Additionally, its pump is made of rough chrome product, which makes it wear-resistant and extending the whole life associated with all the machine.



Product Description

Production Features:

 LSPM series automatic line painting machine is a special spraying equipment which is developed for surface spraying of slender workpiece.The machine has high automatization, uniform spraying surface, accurate film thickness control, high production efficiency and high cost performance


It is suitable for UV, PU, NC, waterborne paint, etc.Fully enclosed spray chamber design, filtering in and out of the air system to avoid the entry of dust and impurities, so that the spraying surface quality is higher.This machine can be combined with the line dryer produced by our company to make the workpiece drying after spraying.


The machine automatically identifies the workpiece, the workpiece into the spray chamber, the spray gun opened.Each spray gun is independently controlled to save more paint.The machine is equipped with air spray gun. The principle of air spray ensures the perfect painting effect of the workpiece.


Product Specification:



The process width


The process thickness


The process length


Conveyor speed


Conveyor Way

Roller and Green PVC belt

Spraying gun qty


Spray gun

Domestic WA-101 Series 0.8/1.0/1.3mm for choose

Paint Type

UV,PU,PE,NC,and water based paint

Oil Supply Type

Taiwan sanfeng diaphragm pump

Paint Pump Qty

2 set

Working air pressure


Touch Screen

Beijing MCGS 7 inch color screen


Taiwan FATEK Brand



Total Powder

2.9 Kw



Total Weight



Product Pictures:



Liner spray paint machine.png.png