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Automatic Spray Paint Machine Line for Nonstick Cookware

Automatic Spray Paint Machine Line for Nonstick Cookware

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Automatic Spray Paint Machine Line for Nonstick Cookware may be an innovative item is certainly efficient to revolutionize the cooking industry. These devices line is perfect for manufacturers trying to boost their manufacturing times while increasing the standard of their products or services having the ability to coating non-stick areas with ease.

The equipment line features a completely automated system that removes the necessity for manual labor and decreases mistakes. It comprises of various modules that may appeal to the precise requirements of various manufacturers.

The module is first a pre-cleaning module is drying that ensures the top of cookware is without any debris and will be accurately coated. The 2nd spray finish module, which gives even and uniform protection associated with the finish is non-stick on the cookware surface. The 3rd is a curing module, where the coated cookware is dried and hardened to make sure durability.

Xinqinfeng's automated Spray Paint Machine Line for Nonstick Cookware has a few features which are unique enhance its performance and effectiveness. The first is its adjustment is certainly automated system which monitors the amount is total of being positioned on each part of the cookware and immediately adjusts the flow price. This helps to ensure that the right quantity of paint has been placed on every area, preventing over-spraying and wastage is reducing.

The product line additionally features a method this is certainly permits are quick-change to improve the coating product quickly, which promotes flexibility and versatility for businesses. Also, the line has a completely automated system is cleansing uses water for high-pressure chemical substances to eradicate any paint residue and then make sure that the gear line stays neat and operating effortlessly.

Having its features are advanced cutting-edge technology, Xinqinfeng's Automatic Spray Paint Machine Line for Nonstick Cookware is truly a game-changer for the cookware industry. It gives manufacturers by having an economical and solution is efficient producing top-notch non-stick cookware, making certain they stay competitive these days.

Product Description


Production Features:


  • Automatic      spray paint line includes the Preheating, automatic spraying paint,      automatic drying and automatic cooling, Save labor and cost, improve the      efficiency

  • Spray      evenly, high precision, the running accuracy is within      0.2mm,  the spraying accuracy is within 0.2-1mm

  • Flexible      spraying size can save 20% paint

  • High      efficiency, can reach continuous work for 24 hours, the output is 3-5      times than the labor

  • Fully      visual touch screen control, operate easily, can save and read the data      quickly

  • Spraying      debugging is simple within ten mins, The program is easy to operate




Product Pictures:


Frying Pan-1.jpgFrying Pan-2.jpgFrying Pan-3.jpgFrying Pan-6.jpgFrying Pan-7.jpgFrying Pan-8.jpgFrying Pan-9.jpgFrying Pan-10.jpg









Company Information

Shenzhen Xinqinfeng industrial equipment co., LTD. was established in 2004.The products are sold to various regions of mainland China and foreign countries. From a development department, Xinqinfeng has become a professional manufacturers which currently specializing in non-standard automatic mechanical Equipment’s development, design and production, with standard large plant and advanced production equipment. After years of unremitting efforts and accumulation, Now Xinqinfeng specializes in industrial automation equipment with considerable scale and strength.

Main products include industry surface automatic painting, automatic drying, as well as automatic spraying the entire plant planning, designing and manufacturing, as well as industrial robots, robots, automation equipment and other non-standard test equipment. 

Main Products:

  • Whole      factory plastic parts automatic dust coating equipment

  • Whole      plant metal products electrostatic coating equipment

  • Whole      factory furniture electrostatic coating equipment

  • Whole      plant locomotive, motorcycle coating equipment

  • Manipulator, spraying robot etc.      Industrial Robot equipment

  • Automatic      UV curing furnace line

  • Fully      automatic electrostatic dust removal equipment

  • DISK      automatic electrostatic coating equipment

  • All      kinds of Drying, silk-screen equipment

  • All      kinds of PVC/SUS belt, Nylon conveyor equipment

  • Teflon/Ceramic      powder /PE immersion high temperature equipment

  • All      kinds of Water Curtain Booth etc. equipment

  • High      level Air Supply System

  • Waste      water/waste gas recycling system

  • Whole      plant electroplating coating equipment

  • Whole      factory electrophoresis coating equipment




Our Service




       1. Offer professional advice and provide the best solution for the customer

2. According to customer's needs or requirements,our engineer will offer the drawing and solution for you.

3. We will offer the competitive price according to the customer's solution       


1. We will send the engineers for onsite installation, commissioning and operation training.

2. We will provide fault handing service and lifetime warranty.

3. We provide 1 year warranty for each machine.

4. We will contact you back periodically to learn machine conditions.

5. We also provide the service for further extension on your existing machine.




If you can send us some pics about your product with capacity per day and product size for first reference. Once get your info’s, we will send you our solution with price ASAP, Appreciating for your support.