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Spray painting machine For Complex shape product

Spray painting machine For Complex shape product

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The Xinqinfeng Spray painting machine For Complex shape product will be here to revolutionize the method that is actual paint. Whether you are centering on an application this is certainly complex or maybe an easy one, this device that is innovative do miracles for you This painting device will allow you to attain a flawless finish everytime having its advanced level technology and ergonomic design.

The best things about the Xinqinfeng Spray painting machine For Complex shape product is its versatile nature. It can work with a number of materials, including timber, metal, plastic, and much more. The equipment's accuracy lets you achieve a smooth along with coating of paint, while its rate helps you to make sure that you'll complete effectiveness and simplicity to your task.

This product can go anywhere you shall want it to featuring its portable nature. The Xinqinfeng Spray painting machine For Complex shape product is obviously all set to go whether you're utilized in your house workshop and for a job site. Its design this is certainly lightweight makes convenient to tote around, and you will adjust its settings relating to your requirements.

The Xinqinfeng Spray painting machine For Complex shape product could be incredibly easy to use. Its user-friendly screen allows you to set your painting job up in seconds, and its particular integrated features ensure it is virtually foolproof. You are able to adjust the speed, nozzle size, and spray pattern to truly have the outcomes that could be time that is perfect.

The item is ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. You achieve perfect results whether you could be concentrating on a project that is tiny a big one, the Xinqinfeng Spray painting machine For Complex shape product can help. Its effective engine and construction that is top-quality that it'll last for years in the foreseeable future.


Product Description

Production Features:

1. The painting is precise, the normal run time is long, the paint consumption is less. It runs 24 hours and has higher reliability.


2. The painting speed is quick and even. The user can automatically adjust the painting height, direction, angle position based on parts. The painting control is flexible. Omnidirectional painting can be achieved.


3. It is anti-explosion, and environment friendly. It has higher safety, and the operation control 

is easier to learn.


4. Spraying painting robot can paint 2 or 5 kinds of product simultaneously.


5. Spraying painting robot has long service life and easier maintenance.







Kawasaki spraying robot




maximum load bearing




Degree of


6 Axis (JT1,JT2,JT3,JT4,JT5,JT6)



Maximum Radium of





Installation Type

Install the seat to be mounted upside down



Driver Type

Kawasaki AC servo drive



Product Pictures:





 The Main Features of Spraying Robot:

1.Increasing the production efficiency,Widely useing in various fields

2.High spraying efficiency, Best finishing quality;

3.Automatizing the paint process;

4.Less maintenance requipent and long time span

5.Labor cost is reduce



The five axis automatic spraying reciprocating machine is wildly used in the field of plastic, electronics,hardware handicraft, TV shell,computer panels,kitchen ware,Car and Car parts,bathroom ware,Power industry etc many fields.