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China export automatic spray paint machine reciprocReciprocating automatic spray paint machine helmet hot water bottle equipment

China export automatic spray paint machine reciprocReciprocating automatic spray paint machine helmet hot water bottle equipment

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China Factory Price Spray Paint Machine for Eye Glasses Frame Spray Machine


Product Description

Production Features:

The eye glasses spraying paint machine with air spraying system will help you get a good coating film and reduce the manual cost. The details of automatic five axis spraying  machine  are as follows.


1. This machine is widely used in many industry. Generally speaking , standard type of this machine has two product tray. If you want to buy a machine with four product tray, then you will get double yield under the premise of high quality coating.


2. It is easy to debug the machine. You can finish debugging for usual product in 15 minutes. The program writing of machine is regard one plane of product as a program segment. When you finish setting the start point , end point and the spraying speed, then you have finished a program segment. After finish every program of plane, then the complete program is finished.



3.The atomization and sector, painting output of spray gun can be controlled by computer. When the machine begin to spray , the spray gun can blow, in order to blow dust.


4.It is easy to use this machine ,and you can store 160 programs of product. The machine operated by fully digital computer.


Product Specification:







The Main machine is made by bending welding of 1.35mm 201# stainless steel plate, The stainless steel water curtain is equipped with the exhausting system, which can remove the paint mist effectively and

Ensure a good working environment. 0.5HP vertical pipe pump is for water circulation.The programming use the key positioning to simplifies the programming process and make the programming time greatly shortened!



It is use taiwan HIWIN linear guideway,The maximum transmission speed can reach 1.0M/S.Long service life.The belt adopts Italy steel wire synchronous belt. The reciprocating precision is 2MM, the positioning precision is 1M. The maximum trip :1100mm.the trip is adjustable.The driver adopts 86 step motor. Programming control. The spraying gun area is equipped with two spraying guns that can be adjusted independently (with the solenoid valve separately), so that it can spray the side area by matching with the shaft.

Numerical Control Operating Platform

It use the touch screen to control. The maximum effective spraying area is 1100mm x 400mm. The

 PLC use domestic Xinjie XC3-32T-E. The touch scree use 7 inch 256 color xinjie TP760-T is

 equipped with the rotary cylinder to complete the maximum 100 degree turning process of the spray

 gun.The angle and the steering speed can be adjusted according to the production requirements.



It adopts the Janpan SMCRTM80-100 special rotary cylinder to finish the rotation of the two spray guns(The angle and rotation speed can be adjusted at will). it adopts AirTACbrand pneumatic components,including the solenoid valve.

Oil supply Unit

It use the trisection diaphragm pumping unit.    

The Spraying Gun Rack

It is made by 16mm chrome-plated bar with the aluminum alloy processing and manufacturing. It is fixed and connected by the screws.

Spray gun

It use 2pcs Japan ANEST IWATA brand automatic spraying gun,the calibre is decided according to the customer needs. 4 sets pressure regulating valve are equipped. It can control the air pressure flexible. Save the paint.


Control module

The power switch adopts 4 class leakage protection switch.(when the electricity leakage occurs, the fire line and the zero line will be disconnected to prevent the occurrence of safety hazards ). The AC contactor,Thermal overload protector,intermediate relay,rotary switch,push bottom switch use CHINT BRAND.



The revolution mechanism use the BAISHANBA86HB80-04 low inertia stepper motor,PLC control, which can adjust the rotary speed and the positive and reverse rotation at will.The workpiece fixture fixed seat is equipped.



At the rear of the device, A main suction nozzle is provided.The customers exhaust system is connected to the customer by himself. And the thinner, the oil mists, water mist evaporated by the equipment are drawn to the ventilation pipe of the workshop or outdoor and avoid to spread indoors


Product Pictures:









The eye-glasses frame auto spray paint machine is suit for spray the eye-glasses frame, glasses frame, sun glasses frame and other small workpiece.


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Company Information

 Shenzhen Xinqinfeng industrial equipment co., LTD. was established in 2004.The products are sold to various regions of mainland China and foreign countries.From a development department,Xinqinfeng has become a professional manufacturers which currently specializing in non-standard automatic mechanical Equipments development, design and production, with standard large plant and advanced production equipment.After years of unremitting efforts and accumulation, Now Xinqinfeng specializes in industrial automation equipment with considerable scale and strength.

Main products include industry surface automatic painting, automatic drying, as well as automatic spraying the entire plant planning, designing and manufacturing, as well as industrial robots, robots, automation equipment and other non-standard test equipment. 


Main Products:

  • Whole factory plastic parts automatic dust coating equipment
  • Whole plant metal products electrostatic coating equipment
  • Whole factory furniture electrostatic coating equipment
  • Whole plant locomotive, motorcycle coating equipment
  • Manipulator, Spraying robot etc Industrial Robot equipment
  • Automatic UV curing furnace line
  • Fully automatic electrostatic dust removal equipment
  • DISK automatic electrostatic coating equipment
  • All kinds of Drying,silk-screen equipment
  • All kinds of PVC/SUS belt,Nylon conveyor equipment
  • Teflon/Ceramic powder /PE immersion high temperature equipment
  • All kinds of Water Curtain Booth etc equipment
  • High level Air Supply System
  • Waste water/waste gas recycling system
  • Whole plant electroplating coating equipment
  • Whole factory electrophoresis coating equipment



Our Service

Our products are widely used in surface treatment of automobiles and auto parts, household 

appliances, medical equipment, metal products, construction machinery, mechanical and 

electrical products, motorcycles and other metal products, wooden furiture, plastic products 

and other types of products.



       1. Offer professional advice and provide the best solution for the customer

2. According to customer's needs or requirements, Our engineer will offer the drawing and solution for you.

3. We will offer the competitive price according to the customer's solution       


1. We will send the engineers for onsite installation, commissioning and operation training.

2. We will provide fault handing service and lifetime warranty.

3. We provide 1 year warranty for each machine.

4. We will contact you back periodically to learn machine conditions.

5. We also provide the service for further extension on your existing machine.


If you can send us some pics about your product with capacity per day and size for first reference. Once get your infos, We will send you our solution with price ASAP.Appreciating for your support!



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