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CNC Articulated Powder coating Robot

CNC Articulated Powder coating Robot

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The Xinqinfeng CNC Articulated Powder coating Robot is actually a machine that is high-tech is designed to offer a simple yet effective and powder coating solution that is reliable. This technique this is certainly revolutionary especially crafted to meet the needs of companies that seek out a means that is cost-effective fix powder coating processes. The series is manufactured using materials that are top-quality the technology this is certainly latest to guarantee efficiency and durability.

Because of the CNC Articulated Powder Coating Robot, it is possible to produce designs that are intricate accuracy that is exemplary consistency. This product can manage both manual and automated operations, making it an choice this is certainly perfect companies that are looking for to enhance their productivity and effectiveness. The Xinqinfeng CNC Articulated Powder Coating Robot could be capable of handling several types of powder coating solutions, including epoxy, polyester, and acrylic coatings.

The series was created with user-friendly controls that enable operators to change the product settings according to their specs. The settings are easy to utilize, and operators can easily switch between manual and modes being automatic. The device also is sold with security features that guarantee the security linked to the operators, such as for instance overload emergency and security stop key.

The Xinqinfeng CNC Articulated Powder Coating Robot works for used in different companies, including automotive, furniture, and aerospace. Its flexibility and adaptability allow it to be a rewarding investment for companies that need a powder layer solution that is dependable. The show can also be built to save companies money and time by decreasing the necessity for labor-intensive powder finish processes.

This product normally eco-friendly, after the quantity is reduced because of it of powder waste generated through the powder layer procedure. It is accomplished through the merchandise's advanced powder distribution system, that will help to ensure the powder is delivered correctly to the target surface. This minimizes overspray and ensures that the powder is uniformly distributed through the surface.


Product Description

Production Features:

1. The painting is precise, the normal run time is long, the paint consumption is less. It runs 24 hours and has higher reliability.


2. The painting speed is quick and even. The user can automatically adjust the painting height, direction, angle position based on parts. The painting control is flexible. Omnidirectional painting can be achieved.


3. It is anti-explosion, and environment friendly. It has higher safety, and the operation control 

is easier to learn.


4. Spraying painting robot can paint 2 or 5 kinds of product simultaneously.


5. Spraying painting robot has long service life and easier maintenance.


Kawasaki Robot Parameter List






Kawasaki spraying robot




maximum load bearing


Degree of


6 Axis (JT1,JT2,JT3,JT4,JT5,JT6)

Maximum Radium of



Installation Type

Install the seat to be mounted upside down

Driver Type

Kawasaki AC servo drive

IP Degree

Intrinsically safe and pressurized

Level 1, Zone 1, Group IIB and T4 certification

Repeated Positioning



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 The Main Features of Spraying Robot:

1.Increasing the production efficiency,Widely useing in various fields

2.High spraying efficiency, Best finishing quality;

3.Automatizing the paint process;

4.Less maintenance requipent and long time span

5.Labor cost is reduced





The five axis automatic spraying reciprocating machine is wildly used in the field of plastic, electronics,hardware handicraft, TV shell,computer panels,kitchen ware,Car and Car parts,bathroom ware,Power industry etc many fields.