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Plastic Coating Machine

Plastic Coating Machine

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Plastic Coating Machine will be the device is certainly perfect any business that needs to use a smooth, durable synthetic layer to various products. This device is not hard to use and certainly will handle most items which demand a synthetic layer, including wire, pipelines, and pages.

The Xinqinfeng Plastic Coating Machine is made of high-quality materials that will help to ensure it's going to endure for a time that is very long. It’s made to supply a smooth, also covering each and every time, that'll be perfect for manufacturing operations that require constant, top-quality results.

This device is quite versatile and will be used for a selection of applications, including automotive, electrical, and construction companies. It’s perfect for finish materials such as for example metal, plastic, cup, and timber. It is also capable of providing an assortment is wide of, finishes, and textures for additional customization options.

The Xinqinfeng Plastic Coating Machine is designed for effortless maintenance and procedure. It really is fashioned with a display that is enabling that is electronic to modify the coating thickness and speed. Additionally includes an interface is certainly user-friendly gives you to utilize also for first-time users.

This revolutionary product operates quietly and effortlessly, making this an option is popular many manufacturing surroundings. Its design that lightweight allows to suit easily into any workplace, which is designed with safety features that ensure the protection of both the operator as well as the machine.

The Xinqinfeng Plastic Coating Machine may be a device is energy-efficient which means you'll not boost your power bills. It really is made to run at low temperatures, which saves energy, reduces expenses, and minimizes the impact that is ecological of business.


Product Description

Production Features:


  • Operate      easy and simple, single person can operate it

  • Mini      type, Occupy small area

  • Automatic      spraying, high efficiency, Save labor cost

  • Factory      Price, Competitive price

  • High      quality, One year Warranty


Fast Switch Spray Paint Machine Parameter List



Revolution  switch

(1 set)

1. Rotating accuracy:1 °;

2. Speed adjustment: touch screen parameter   adjustment;

3. Using 86 stepper motor with reducer drive;





1. Adopt 30w Taiwan brand mini speed motor,   electronic speed governor for slide rail;

2. Rotation speed: Adjusted by electronic   governor

3. The motor is equipped with a gear reducer with a   reduction ratio of 1:3

4. Single side can bear weight less than or equal to   3KG

NC function

and configuration


1. The control system use Taiwan FETEK PLCFBS-14MCT.   The speed and trip can be adjustable.

2. The HMI use the Beijing MCGS 7 inch color touch   screen. All adjustable parameters can be visualized and the button operation   is simple.

Electronic control system

1.The air switch use the CHINT brand components;

2.The switching power supply use the Taiwan MEANWELL   power;

3.It use the Japan OMRAON brand original proximity switch   and reply;

4.The circuit use the GB-line to be assembled in the case;

5.All joints are marked with wire ear and computer code;

6. Adopting independent electric control box will prevent   the electrical elements from being damaged from the paint, water, dust effectively   and reduce the fire hazards. 

Air Pressure


The pressure regulating valve, barometer, electromagnetic   valve and wind pipe are all adopt well-known brand products. The brand is   slightly different due to the inventory changes.

The Cable

The cable use silicon soft wire which is perfect for the   frequent reciprocating motion. Longer life time than the regular wires.

Major Structure

1. The rack is made of international welding standard   square box section. Taking full account of material mechanics design, the   stability is good!

2.The surface treatment: Stainless steel primary color

Automatic spray gun and

oil supply


( 1 set)

1. Automatic spraying guns: Japan ANEST IWATA brand   WA-101 series automatic spraying. The Japan ANEST IWATA brand 101 series   automatic spraying gun with the caliber is 1.0mm. The qty is 4pcs.

2. A set of Taiwan diaphragm pump is equipped. The   caliber is trisection.

3. A set of Oil pipe, air pipe, oil-water separator,   pressure regulating valve, electromagnetic valve are equipped.

Product Pictures:





The Mini automatic spraying machine or Mini automatic spraying painting Line is wildly used in the field of plastic, Metal, stainless, glass, wood etc. round, cylindrical, conical shapes or other irregular ,small type shapes' furface spraying, such as cellphone shell, glass cup, lamp shell, helmet, bottles, holder, cosmetics lid etc. project.