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DISK Electrostatic Suspension Spray Paint Line for Metal Parts

DISK Electrostatic Suspension Spray Paint Line for Metal Parts

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Suspension Automatic Spray Paint Machine Complete Paint Spraying Line With Gun-fixed plastic UV varnish coating spray paint line


Product Description


Production Features:


Characteristics of electrostatic equipment: With the distance of the hanging utensils, the electrostatic adhesion efficiency can reach 95% of the automatic painting operation, the color change is easy, the digital control paint supply is stable, accurate, reduce the pollution of the spraying operation, meet the latest environmental protection requirements, reduce the manual spraying Waste and management troubles.


     The main products are disc type static DISK (hardware, water/oil wood) touch screen interface electrostatic automatic coating machine, automatic electrostatic painting equipment DISK, stable quality, suitable for painting of wood, hardware, plastic and other workpieces, can improve work efficiency, Improve the quality of spraying, save more than 40% of paint, save labor and reduce the occurrence of occupational diseases. Automatic painting equipment mainly includes: man-machine interface control cabinet, servo motor lift, pneumatic atomizing head, atomizing disc, DISK special gear pump, powder/liquid electrostatic spray gun and various Taiwan coating accessories. The main customers are wood products factory, hardware factory. (such as: hanger factory, furniture factory, hardware factory, plastic factory, bicycle factory, computer accessories, etc.) process plant complete plant coating line.


The hanging coating production line is suitable for all kinds of hanging products to carry out painting operations. The paint dust generated by spraying can be processed centrally, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, comply with national energy conservation and emission reduction requirements, and has high production capacity and reduced production personnel. Can save more than 30% of the paint. In an increasingly competitive environment, whoever makes technological innovation first can dominate the market.

     Ω type electrostatic automatic coating machine in the process of spraying, the effective working area of the coated object can reach 0.8m-1.6m, and the steering device installed on the suspension line reaches 360 degree rotation during the spraying process, so that the paint is evenly adsorbed. In the product, the production capacity is 30% higher than that of the traditional coating machine, and the coating effect is also excellent, which is the machine of choice for large-capacity customers. With the hanging line operation, the paint utilization rate can reach more than 90%, the production capacity is increased, the labor is reduced, and the cost saving effect is achieved, and the quality of the spraying is stable, and the quality customer is easy to accept. At the same time, it can save space, reduce the emission of paint dust, and meet the requirements of national energy conservation and emission reduction.


Suspension conveyor equipment Consist Of:


     The suspended conveyor chain system is an important part of the coating line and is responsible for conveying the product to different process points for surface treatment. The conveyor is generally of overhead type, which can freely choose the hoisting route and effectively utilize the space. It is mainly composed of chain rails, brackets, turning and lifting rails, driving devices, tensioning adjustment devices and lubrication devices.

The specific instructions are as follows:

      1. Chain: The hanging conveyor line is moved by the chain in the track, and is combined with the chain by the spreader to take charge of the load. The structure is: there are vertical and horizontal rollers at each pitch, and the ball bearings for the longitudinal rollers that carry the load are used to reduce the frictional resistance during the migration.

      2. Track: A unit that guides the chain to move up, down, left, and right, and is formed by steel plate.

      3. Brackets: Most of the track brackets are divided into two types: one is light load reuse, which is the method of hanging from the floor of the floor, and the other is heavy load reuse, that is, the pillar support method, both methods use angle steel and Made of channel steel.

      4. Turning and lowering track: The hanging conveying line is also called the universal chain conveyor. Therefore, the turning and lifting of the direction must be coordinated by the horizontal elbow and the lifting elbow.

      5. Drive device: It is a crawler drive type, which is composed of a three-phase AC motor, a worm gear reducer, a transmission chain tension adjuster, a drive sprocket, a shear pin and a drive track chain.

      6. Tension adjustment device: The hammer is naturally hammered when the chain is under load, and the pitch is extended during the wear and tear. For continuous smooth operation, the tension adjustment device is required to absorb the elongation of the chain. The device generally has a heavy hammer type and a screw type. And the spring type three ways, the rails can be mounted on the movable frame by sliding the rails, and the hammers, the screws, the springs and the like are slipped to achieve the purpose of adjusting the chain tightness.

      7. Lubrication device: The frictional force of the chain will increase for a long time. In order to avoid the chain jam caused by excessive resistance, it is necessary to set up the fueling mechanism. It can be equipped with automatic oil dispenser to spray high temperature chain oil to ensure the chain is in the chain. Working in a good lubrication state.


What is the DISK Spraying?


In the DISK electrostatic coating equipment, when the paint passes through the charged disc, the disc rotates at a high speed to pry the paint out. At this time, the paint is electrostatically charged and mutually repelled via the charged particles, thereby causing the coating to further atomize. The finer particles are formed, and due to the principle of electrostatic adsorption, the paint lost during the spraying process is returned to the workpiece to form an electrostatic environment effect, so that in the production of high-quality coating effects, Reduce the paint loss rate during spraying operations, and fully realize the advantages of electrostatic coating.


DISK electrostatic coating equipment not only increases productivity, but also effectively reduces waste of coating costs. In terms of spray quality, high atomization coatings can be effectively produced by using high-atomization spray nozzles with high-torque twin-turbo pneumatic nozzles. The particles, in turn, achieve a uniform and smooth and fine spray effect, which significantly reduces the common orange peel phenomenon to provide a better coating quality.


Product Pictures:



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Automatic spray paint line are widely used to the workpiece which will be achieve high efficicency ,high output,

Such as the TV shells, steel frame,Guita,Violin,cars parts,insulation bottle,Gas holder etc big product, it is not easy for worker to transfer.



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