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Leveling machine for eyeglass frame

Leveling machine for eyeglass frame

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Which you wear eyeglasses, you recognize how crucial it is to allow them to fit completely in the occasion. But usually, despite your lens or optometrist maker's most efforts are helpful to your frames may be slightly uneven or crooked. This is the way the Xinqinfeng Leveling machine for eyeglass framework will come in - a product is innovative can help you attain positioning that impeccable matter of seconds.

Created precision is utilizing and top-notch materials, the Xinqinfeng Leveling machine for eyeglass frame is made to be user friendly, even though you have got actually no experience is eyeglass that undoubtedly past. Just spot your frames within the machine's surface, and adjust the levelers ahead of the device shows that the structures are perfectly aligned. A mix is required due to the unit of sensors, lasers, along with other technology to help make certain your frames are leveled with extreme accuracy.

Certainly one of many standout top options are popular come with the Xinqinfeng Leveling machine for eyeglass frame is its flexibility. It might accommodate frames of assorted sizes and forms, including wireframes, plastic structures, too as luxury metals like silver or titanium. The Xinqinfeng Leveling device for eyeglass frame is a device that vital helps you to save you time, cash, and headaches yours private spectacles or running an expert eyeglass fix solution whether you are fixing.

The gear itself is compact and durable, with a black is silver that sleek could look great in any household or workplace. Additionally you can easily transport, to aid you go on it you get whether you are visiting consumers, going to an eyeglass reasonable, or doing repairs at a buddy's household or apartment with you wherever.

The Xinqinfeng Leveling machine for eyeglass framework isn't just versatile and exact but in addition designed to final. Its sturdy construction and top-quality components ensure that it could withstand usage that is frequent will provide reliable solution for the time that is very long. Plus, the unit is supported by Xinqinfeng's dedication to customer care, to aid you get with understanding that you're receiving a product is help is top-notch great.


Product Description

 Leveling Machine Parameter List




L1400 * W600 * H2200mm/L1160 X W600 X H2077mm

The main Racks

The frame is made of being welded by 40*40 square box   section,40*40 angle iron,40*80 rectangle box section, Two sides is produced   by laser cutting with 3mm steel plate. The bottom is equipped with casters.

Rotating Mechanism

Using 120W speed regulating motor (1:60), the speed is   adjustable.

Rotating Shaft

It is made by machining by 20mm galvanized rod   with 12 sets. The bearings use 204 diamond bearing pedestal. The Chain   drive is with chain wheel;

Surface treatment

High-temperature Baking Coating with computer white   colors.

Product Pictures:

 Leveling Machine-1.jpg










The eye-glasses frame auto spray paint machine is suit for spray the eye-glasses frame, glasses frame, sun glasses frame and other small workpiece.