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Spray Paint Glass Bottle

Spray Paint Glass Bottle

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Spray Paint Glass Bottle will be the solution this is certainly perfect those attempting to start exercising. Color making use of their cup items. This spray paint glass bottle can change any cup area directly into a masterpiece of design whether you could be upcycling a vintage vase or developing a centerpiece is unique your property.

One of the key features of the Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Glass Bottle is its simplicity. The spray nozzle allows even for coverage and application is certainly accurate making certain any project eventually ends up just the manner where you imagined it. Plus, the paint dries quickly and it is touch dry within a quarter-hour, so you will not need certainly to wait long to savor your newly painted cup item.

Another advantage from the Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Glass Bottle is its flexibility. This spray paint can be utilized for a range that is wide of surfaces, including vases, jars, wine glasses, and much more. Plus, it comes down in a variety of colors, helping you to produce the looks is believe that precise you need for your task.

The Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Glass Bottle is also durable and long-lasting along with its ease of versatility and use. The paint is formulated to stay glued to glass areas, which is resistant to chipping and fading. This means your painted glass item shall look perfect for a long time.

The Xinqinfeng brand name is famous for these products which can be top-quality as the Spray Paint Glass Bottle is no exclusion. The brand possesses track record of innovation and quality in the paint industry, and its own products are trusted by experts and Dyers alike.


Product Description


Production Features:


  • Automatic spray paint line includes the automatic dust removing,automatic spraying paint,automatic drying and automatic cooling,Save labor and cost,improve the efficiency

  • Spray evenly,high precision,the running accuracy is within 0.2mm,  the spraying accuracy is within 0.2-1mm

  • Flexible spraying size can save 20% paint

  • High efficiency,can reach continuous work for 24 hours, the output is 3-5 times than the labor

  • Fully visual touch screen control, operate easily, can save and read the data quickly

  • Spraying degugging is simple within ten mins,The program is easy to operate


Process Flow of Spray Painting
1.Loading --pretreatment --electrostatic dedusting --bottom painting --surface drying --finishing painting --curving--cooling --unloading --vauum metariation 



Product Pictures:


Ground Type Spray Paint Line


auto spray paint line-1.jpg

auto spray paint line-3.jpg

auto spray paint line-2.jpg

auto spray paint line.jpgAutomatic spray line.jpg


DISK Electricity Suspension Spray Paint Line


Up and Down Reciprocating Suspension Spray Paint Line


spraying process.jpg-1.jpg



Automatic spray paint line are widely used to the workpiece which will be achieve high efficiency, high output.

Such as all kinds of bottle, wine bottle, Cosmetics bottles, cosmetic lid, glass cup, glass ball, hardware, plastic round disk, kitchen ware, helmet, rearview mirror etc. irregular shapes