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Curing oven for powder coating

Curing oven for powder coating

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Presenting the Xinqinfeng curing oven for powder coating – the answer that is ideal all your powder coating needs If you should be searching for a top-notch and reliable range that is curing look no further than Xinqinfeng.


This Curing oven for powder coating designed to provide fast and thorough curing of powder coatings, ensuring a durable and long-lasting finish on your items. Whether you are taking care of large or scale this is certainly tiny, our curing oven is equipped to address any size job, after its spacious interior and temperature that is precise.


One of the main standout options that come with the Xinqinfeng Curing oven for powder coating is its power efficiency. This range is able to deliver constant heat throughout the curing process while using the minimal power alongside its higher-level home heating. This not only saves you money on your own power bill, but it additionally cuts back your impact that is environmental win-win all around.


Another plus side to the Xinqinfeng Curing oven for powder coating is its simplicity of good use. A control that is user-friendly allows you to effortlessly adjust temperature, time, and also other settings to ensure optimal curing results. The product range additionally has shut-off automatic, so you can sleep understanding that is easy your products or services are increasingly being cured safely and efficiently.


We spared zero cost in ensuring the highest quality materials and workmanship based on the construction of the Xinqinfeng Curing oven for powder coating. The outside is made of sturdy metal and features a sleek and design that is contemporary will complement any workspace. Meanwhile, the interior is lined with a durable and heat-resistant material that will withstand perhaps the most intense conditions that are curing.


The Xinqinfeng Curing oven for powder coating is a tool that is essential achieving smooth, flawless finishes on the products regardless if you are a practiced professional or simply just beginning in the wide world of powder coating. It is reliable, efficient, and easy to utilize, plus it is sold with the added peace of mind of being something associated with Xinqinfeng that is trusted brand.


Product Description

A. Instant drying; avoid drying waiting time, greatly reducing the coating process time.

B. It can be directly connected with the coating machine. The machine can be connected to the drum type or curtain coating machine. After coating, the finished product is directly dried, eliminating the trouble of handling.

C. Coating surface hardness increased, bright color.

D. Extensive drying function: wood, plywood, furniture, steel, building materials, lenses, leather and other UV coating after drying.


Product Specification:





The size

Size:L2500 × W690(Effective width) x H800mm(Qty:1pcs )


The racks

The body,foot of equipment is made of welding steel box section. The foot stool is equipped with M14 adjustable foot cup. the steering wheel is equipped.


The Conveyor Belt

The belt height to the ground is 0.8 meters. The width of steel mesh belt is 690mm, the circle length is 5 meters. The length of feeding area is 500mm,the effective height is 250mm, which is adjustable.



The motor use 60W electronic speed regulating motor. the line speed is adjusted Taiwan ZONCN frequency transformer. 1-6m/min, Energy-saving power.


Surface treatment

Computer white electrostatic powder coating,hard wear and scratch resistant


Drying furnace cover

The heating area size is L1200mm×W700mm×H550mm.


UV Lamp

It uses 3pcs 3KW UV lamps with transformer and capacitance. Each lamps has three choose: strong,medium,week. The lamps use the Beijing halogen tube with the reflector,tube,trigger.


The Wind Motor

It use one set of professional 1.1KW 380V,1400R/min high speed centrifugal fans. The volume of air is 1200m3/hours. 1 set. The inner is equipped with the exhaust pipe which can reduce the temperature of product and the inner of furnace,improve the service time of the lamp.


Electronic Controller

The transformer of UV lamps is equipped with the energy storage capacitance. Each UV lamp is equipped with a time timer to record the usage.The temperature-controller uses the Taiwan Berme digital display temperature controller.


Product Pictures:

 UV oven.jpgUV furnace.jpgUV oven-2.jpgUV oven-3.jpgUV oven-4.jpg



UV curing has been widely adopted in many industries including automotive, telecommunications, electronics, graphic arts, converting and metal, glass and plastic decorating. 




Question 1: I don't know anything about the machine. Will you provide the technical support?

Answer: Sure. Every machine will be test before delivery. We will make sure there is no problem for the machine while it leave our factory.
When the equipment is small and standard ,We can send the detailed user manual and video to 
help you install and operate the equipment. Of course,You can arrange 2-3 smart workers to come to our factory to learn how to operate the machine.

If the machine is very big and long,When the machine arrives your factory, we will send the experts to your factory to help for installation and commissioning. Operation training will be provide. Maintenance tips will be given and enough spare parts be provided.
Also, we provide consulting service for creating the proper facilities for running the machine.

Question 2: What is UV Curing? ?

Ultraviolet curing (commonly known as UV curing) is a photochemical process in which high-intensity ultraviolet light is used to instantly cure or “dry” inks, coatings or adhesives.  Offering many advantages over traditional drying methods, UV curing has been shown to increase production speed, reduce reject rates, improve scratch and solvent resistance, and facilitate superior bonding.