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Spray Paint Leveling Machine for Eye Glasses Frame

Spray Paint Leveling Machine for Eye Glasses Frame

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Brand: Xinqinfeng

Launching the Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Leveling Machine for Eye Glasses Frame, the tool it is unquestionably ideal attaining a finish that is ideal your eyewear. This item this is certainly revolutionary built to ensure a smooth, also coating of paint in your structures, with reduced energy and skill required.
Created using ease in head, the Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Leveling device could possibly be simply operated by anyone, no matter their expertise or experience. It is extremely user-friendly, with clear and instructions which are succinct are now actually a task that is easy follow.
This machine uses more impressive range technology so that the paint is distributed evenly through the outer lining with this specific framework that is particular providing it a appearance and specialist this can be really refined. The accuracy and speed by using this machine this is certainly particular certain the paint dries quickly, leaving no streaks or marks behind.
The Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Leveling Machine is fantastic for both professional and usage this is certainly personal. The two of your commitment if an eyewear is had by you shop or get excited about the development of eyewear, this machine is a unit this is certainly important may save yourself. Each and every time, making your items or services or services be noticed through your competition featuring its higher-level features, you are likely to quickly and simply attain the conclusion this is certainly ideal.
This product is perfect you may be an eyewear enthusiast who wants to customize the look of your structures in your case. It easy to quickly attain your desired appearance whether you want to switch along with up associated with frames or add a design this is certainly unique the Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Leveling Machine makes.
The Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Leveling device may be developed to last along with its exemplary performance. Made of high-quality materials, this machine this will be built this is certainly most definitely durable withstand regular usage and offers a long period of dependable service.


Product Description

 Leveling Machine Parameter List




L1400 * W600 * H2200mm

The main Racks

The frame is made of being welded by 40*40 square box section,40*40 angle iron,40*80 rectangle box section, Two sides is produced by laser cutting with 3mm steel plate.The bottom is equipped with casters.

Rotating Mechanism

Using 120W speed regulating motor (1:60), the speed is adjustable.

Rotating Shaft

It is made by machining by 20mm galvanized rod with 12 sets. The bearings use 204 diamond bearing pedestal.The Chain drive is with chain wheel;

Surface treatment

High-temperature Baking Coating with computer white colors.

Product Pictures:

 Leveling Machine-1.jpg










The eye-glasses frame auto spray paint machine is suit for spray the eye-glasses frame, glasses frame, sun glasses frame and other small workpiece.


Company Information

 Shenzhen Xinqinfeng industrial equipment co., LTD. was established in 2004.The products are sold to various regions of mainland China and foreign countries.From a development department,Xinqinfeng has become a professional manufacturers which currently specializing in non-standard automatic mechanical Equipments development, design and production, with standard large plant and advanced production equipment.After years of unremitting efforts and accumulation, Now Xinqinfeng specializes in industrial automation equipment with considerable scale and strength.

Main products include industry surface automatic painting, automatic drying, as well as automatic spraying the entire plant planning, designing and manufacturing, as well as industrial robots, robots, automation equipment and other non-standard test equipment. 


Main Products:

  • Whole factory plastic parts automatic dust coating equipment

  • Whole plant metal products electrostatic coating equipment

  • Whole factory furniture electrostatic coating equipment

  • Whole plant locomotive, motorcycle coating equipment

  • Manipulator, Spraying robot etc Industrial Robot equipment

  • Automatic UV curing furnace line

  • Fully automatic electrostatic dust removal equipment

  • DISK automatic electrostatic coating equipment

  • All kinds of Drying,silk-screen equipment

  • All kinds of PVC/SUS belt,Nylon conveyor equipment

  • Teflon/Ceramic powder /PE immersion high temperature equipment

  • All kinds of Water Curtain Booth etc equipment

  • High level Air Supply System

  • Waste water/waste gas recycling system

  • Whole plant electroplating coating equipment

  • Whole factory electrophoresis coating equipment



Our Service

Our products are widely used in surface treatment of automobiles and auto parts, household 

appliances, medical equipment, metal products, construction machinery, mechanical and 

electrical products, motorcycles and other metal products, wooden furiture, plastic products 

and other types of products.



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3. We provide 1 year warranty for each machine.

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