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Automatic ceramic spray paint equipment

Automatic ceramic spray paint equipment

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Introducing the Xinqinfeng Automatic ceramic spray paint equipment - the future that is ongoing of application technology.


This machine is revolutionary for effortless and accurate application of ceramic spray paint onto any surface, which makes it the solution that is perfect a number of industries - from automotive to interior decor.


The Xinqinfeng brand is actually a name that is trusted the industry, recognized for manufacturing top-quality and gear that is reliable.


The product runs at a speed that is high can protect large areas quickly, ensuring efficiency that is maximum any paint work. Furthermore, the equipment features an interface that is user-friendly making it simple for operators to regulate settings such as for example spray pattern, depth, and movement rate.


The Xinqinfeng Automatic Ceramic Spray Paint Equipment is made with security at heart. Its spray that is advanced technology the possibility of overspray and reduces connection with toxic chemical compounds. Operators can work in convenience and self-confidence understanding that they are protected from harmful substances.


This Automatic ceramic spray paint equipment is high-performance also highly versatile, in a position to spray many different paint kinds, including industrial coatings, ceramic paints, and also metallic finishes. The Xinqinfeng Automatic Ceramic Spray Paint Equipment could be the perfect solution for almost any paint application project having its cutting-edge technology and flexibility.


Maintenance and cleaning associated with the device is easy and straightforward, and also the Xinqinfeng brand provides customer that is very good which help. The apparatus was created to final and certainly will offer several years of dependable performance, rendering it an investment that is wise is long-lasting any business or person.


Product Description


Production Features:


  • Automatic spray paint line includes the Preheating,automatic spraying paint,automatic drying and automatic cooling,Save labor and cost,improve the efficiency

  • Spray evenly,high precision,the running accuracy is within 0.2mm,  the spraying accuracy is within 0.2-1mm

  • Flexible spraying size can save 20% paint

  • High efficiency,can reach continuous work for 24 hours, the output is 3-5 times than the labor

  • Fully visual touch screen control, operate easily, can save and read the data quickly

  • Spraying degugging is simple within ten mins,The program is easy to operate




Product Pictures:


Frying Pan-1.jpgFrying Pan-2.jpgFrying Pan-3.jpgFrying Pan-6.jpgFrying Pan-7.jpgFrying Pan-8.jpgFrying Pan-9.jpgFrying Pan-10.jpg




Automatic spray paint line are widely used to the workpiece which will be achieve high efficicency ,high output.

Such as all kinds of frying pan,bottle,wine bottle, Cosmetics bottles, cosmetic lid,glass cup,glass ball,hardware,plastic round disk,kitchen ware, helmet,rearview mirror etc irregualr shapes