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PVD coating machine Metal

PVD coating machine Metal

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PVD coating machine metal will be the ideal solution boosting the look and durability of one's metal products. An even more appearance that is sophisticated, this machine guarantees to provide top-quality outcomes whether you're looking to increase the corrosion resistance, wear resistance or simply just provide your steel.

The gear is suitable for various applications and industries with a robust design and advanced technology. It is perfect for coating metals such as for example titanium, gold, silver, chrome, metal, brass, copper, and aluminum. Additionally, it offers control the exact layer procedure, helping you to attain a uniform coating thickness and an even more constant finish.

The Xinqinfeng PVD coating machine metal is straightforward to utilize, because of its interface is user-friendly and automation features. It features a touch-screen control that presents the real-time parameters method, including the current, voltage, and deposition price. Also, it provides a loading automatic system that means it is an easy task to manage big volumes of products.

Very notable top popular features of this product is it’s environmentally nature is friendly. The PVD coating machine metal process is really a low-temperature procedure that doesn't need any harmful chemical compounds or gases, rendering it a coating solution is eco-friendly. Which means you're able to produce top-quality coatings without fretting about any effect is certainly negative the environmental surroundings.

What's more, the Xinqinfeng PVD coating machine metal is highly dependable, as well as the result is total excellent. It comes having a warranty is one-year together with manufacturer provides installation on-site training, and upkeep solutions to ensure your machine works optimally throughout its lifespan.


Product Description


Production Features:


  • Automatic      spray paint line includes the automatic dust removing, automatic spraying      paint, automatic drying and automatic cooling, Save labor and cost, improve      the efficiency

  • Spray      evenly, high precision, the running accuracy is within      0.2mm,  the spraying accuracy is within 0.2-1mm

  • Flexible      spraying size can save 20% paint

  • High      efficiency, can reach continuous work for 24 hours, the output is 3-5      times than the labor

  • Fully      visual touch screen control, operate easily, can save and read the data      quickly

  • Spraying      debugging is simple within ten mins, The program is easy to operate


Process Flow of Spray Painting

1.Loading --pretreatment --electrostatic degusting --bottom painting --surface drying --finishing painting --curving--cooling --unloading --vacuum metrication 



Product Pictures:




vacuum coating application.jpgvacuum coating machine-1.jpgvacuum coating machine-2.jpgvacuum coating machine-3.jpgvacuum coating machine-4.jpg

auto spray paint line.jpgAutomatic spray line.jpg




Automatic spray paint line are widely used to the workpiece which will be achieve high efficiency, high output.

Such as all kinds of bottle, wine bottle, Cosmetics bottles, cosmetic lid, glass cup, glass ball, hardware, plastic round disk, kitchen ware, helmet, rearview mirror etc. irregular shapes