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Spray paint machine for wooden panel

Spray paint machine for wooden panel

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Spray Paint device for wood panels is actually an item is certainly help that revolutionary the artwork procedure easier and quicker. You are going to comprehend so just how tiring it really is to paint panels which are wooden having a roller or brush if you should be into the woodworking industry. With all the Xinqinfeng Spray paint machine for wood panel, you should not stress about that anymore.

This system features a spraying is unquestionably advanced that may help you attain a smooth, even coating of paint all on your own lumber panels. The apparatus was created to take advantage of paints which are various including water-based, oil-based, and paints are latex so you have actually the freedom to find the paint that satisfies any project. Due to the paint is adjustable spray for wooden panel, you can control the paint flow and spray pattern, assisting you to change the ultimate outcome in accordance with your needs.

The Xinqinfeng Spray paint machine for wooden panel is easy and lightweight to utilize, making it and choice is ideal both experts and DIY enthusiasts. Its ergonomic design makes it possible to ensure it is possible to provide the machine easily for extended periods, reducing tiredness and making your projects less stressful. You are able to adjust the speed settings to modify the amount of paint you are making usage of, as well as device includes a paint is large that permits anyone to longer spray for without refilling.

One of many great things about this spray paint device can it be is versatile. It could be utilized by you for a number of wooden panels, such as by way of example cabinets, doorways, and furniture. You achieve a professional-looking finish whether you may well be care is taking of tiny or project this certainly big the product may help.

The Xinqinfeng Spray paint machine for wooden panel typically very easy to maintain and clean. You are likely to disassemble the components are right cleansing, making certain there isn't any residue which could block the impact or nozzle the performance when it comes to device. The equipment persists much longer and offers outcomes are constant a while is long an end result.


Product Description


  • Operate      easy and simple, single person can operate it

  • Mini      type, Occupy small area

  • Automatic      spraying, high efficiency, Save labor cost

  • Factory      Price, Competitive price

  • High      quality, One year Warranty

  • Specification:

    Single Axis Spraying Equipment Parameter List

  • Item



    The Spraying

    conveyor line
      (1 set)

    1. The conveyor line size: L5000 X W1000 X   H750mm

    2. The transmission system use six point double   pitch carbon chain. The width of belt is 800mm.The total length of belt   is10000mm.

    3. The power system: The motor use Taiwan WANSIN   brand 1HP gear reducer motor. The transducer use Taiwan DELTA   brand 1HP frequency converter. A set of transmission shaft, transmission   parts are equipped with.(the speed range is within 0.1-6m/min)

    Water Curtain

    Spraying Booth
      (  1 set  )


    1. The water booth size is W2600mm×D2470mm×H2000mm 

    2. Downdraft design

    3. The tank is made by bending and welding 1.5mm 201#   stainless steel sheets.

    4. The top and side plates is made by   bending and welding 1.2mm 201# bending and welding stainless steel sheets.   The top and side plate are connected with stainless steel screws.

    5. The real plate and overflow tank are made   by bending and welding 1.2mm 201# stainless steel sheets.

    6. The water curtain plate are made by bending   and welding 1.0mm 201# stainless steel sheets.

    7. The pump adopts the Taiwan vertical pipeline pump.   A set of PVC pipe and valve are also equipped.

    8. The exhaust fan use a set of Taiwan Hong sheng 3HP   centrifugal fan. (The air volume is 8000 cubic meters per hour).The   ventilation duct is not included and provided by the customer.

    9. The light use Two 40W explosion-proof light   with hood.

    10. A set of electric control cabinet is equipped and   the electrical accessories use the well-known brand.




    Single Axis Reciprocating engine

    ( 1 set)




    1. The effective trip is within 600mm.

    2. The length of guide rail is 600mm.The sliding rail   use 25 series flange type self-lubricating linear guideway from Taiwan Hiwin   brand with aluminum alloy module slider. 2sets

    3. The sliding module adopt 65x65mm special aluminum   for the reciprocating engine.

    4. The control system use Taiwan FETEK PLCFBS-14MCT.   The speed and trip can be adjustable.

    5. The HMI use the Beijing MCGS 7 inch color touch   screen. All adjustable parameters can be visualized and the button operation   is simple.

    6. The motor use the 400W low-inertia servo motor   driving from Taiwan DELTA brand.

    7. A set of electric control cabinet is equipped and   the electrical accessories use the well-known brand.

    8. 5M type synchronous wheel drive, the reciprocating   synchronous belt adopts special steel wire belt.

    9. The speed is 0-2m/s.

    Automatic spray gun and

      oil supply

    ( 1 set)

    1. Automatic spraying guns: France Kmlin automatic   spraying gun. The quantity is 8pcs. Each rail has four guns to spray   four direction

    2. 2 sets of Taiwan diaphragm pump is equipped. The   caliber is trisection.

    3. A set of Oil pipe, air pipe, oil-water separator,   pressure regulating valve, electromagnetic valve are equipped. 

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