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3/5/6 Axis Auto Spray Paint Machine

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Robot Arm Spray Paint Machine for Spraying the Car Parts

Robot Arm Spray Paint Machine for Spraying the Car Parts

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Robot Arm Spray Paint Machine, an innovation is revolutionary to produce car artwork quicker, easier, and a lot more effective. This revolutionary product this is certainly incredible filled up with advanced features making it the ideal choice for specialists in the artwork industry.

Using the Xinqinfeng Robot Arm Spray Paint Machine, you'll be able to enjoy painting is top-quality with no hassle of handbook artwork. It is perfect for spraying car components, such as for instance bumpers, hoods, doorways, and fenders. This device is effective spray paint on any car spend the accuracy and ensuring a smooth and also finish every time.

This state-of-the-art machine is sold with a robot supply that may control the spray gun's movements, making certain every painted component receives the protection is certainly necessary. This arm's higher level of freedom enables it to realize perhaps the most challenging angles of a vehicle component, making it and choice is certainly perfect those hard-to-reach areas.

Aside from its freedom, the Xinqinfeng Robot Arm Spray Paint Machine additionally comes with effective motors that may control the spray weapon's stress and speed. Its advanced technology guarantees consistent and painting is consistent minimizing painting errors and paint wastage is certainly reducing. With this specific device that is specific you're getting the duty done perfectly and efficiently, which makes it and choice is ideal busy professionals.

The Xinqinfeng Robot Arm Spray Paint Machine also ensures worker security. It reduces workers' experience of harmful chemicals in paints and solvents since it is completely automated. This machine also comes with sturdy steel structures and shields that protect workers from hazardous conditions, which makes it a reliable and option is certainly safe your artwork requirements.

The Xinqinfeng Robot Arm Spray Paint device is very user-friendly, which makes it quite simple to use even for novice users. It comes down with an interface is certainly simple enables you to choose the artwork that is necessary, such as for instance rate, pressure, and spray weapon movement, with ease. It really is sold with advanced functions such as self-diagnosis and error-sensing systems that alert users of every pressing problems or malfunctions, rendering it and task is easy detect and fix any conditions that may arise.


Product Description

Production Features:

1. The painting is precise, the normal run time is long, the paint consumption is less. It runs 24 hours and has higher reliability.


2. The painting speed is quick and even. The user can automatically adjust the painting height, direction, angle position based on parts. The painting control is flexible. Omnidirectional painting can be achieved.


3. It is anti-explosion, and environment friendly. It has higher safety, and the operation control 

is easier to learn.


4. Spraying painting robot can paint 2 or 5 kinds of product simultaneously.


5. Spraying painting robot has long service life and easier maintenance.


Product Pictures:









Kawasaki spraying robot




maximum load bearing




Degree of


6 Axis (JT1,JT2,JT3,JT4,JT5,JT6)



Maximum Radium of





Installation Type

Install the seat to be mounted upside down



Driver Type

Kawasaki AC servo drive



IP Degree

Intrinsically safe and pressurized

Level 1, Zone 1, Group IIB and T4 certification



Repeated Positioning




 The Main Features of Spraying Robot:

1. Increasing the production efficiency, widely using in various fields

2. High spraying efficiency, best finishing quality;

3. Automatizing the paint process;

4. Less maintenance equipment and long time span

5. Labor cost is reduced



The five axis automatic spraying reciprocating machine is wildly used in the field of plastic, electronics, hardware handicraft, TV shell, computer panels, kitchen ware, Car and Car parts, bathroom ware, Power industry etc. many fields