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Robot automatic auto parts paint spraying line  Aisa/Mid-East/Affrica Market

Robot automatic auto parts paint spraying line Aisa/Mid-East/Affrica Market

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Shenzhen Xinqinfeng Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2004 and is specialized in industrial equipment for coating paint machine (manual and automatic), UR and IR machine, Oven (drying) machine, Robot and the entire line, etc. Xinqinfeng Industrial also design and offer the solution for customer's needs. 
With 15 years' experience from a R&D developed into a professional manufacturer which has good technical and services (packing, custom, shipping, install) support, to design and make the non-standard equipment and entire for our customer, Our products are well sold in various countries and regions, and are welcome at Americans, Europe, Africa, Mid-Eat, Asia market, such US, Canada, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Poland, Tunisia, Nigeria, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Burma…Our cooperated customers have such Foxconn, Luxottica, Shoko, BYD, Comsale, Epson.

As a result to fully satisfy customer needs, we have globalized and expanded our business activities and there was built the new Factory which located DongGuan city (Dongguan Xinqinfeng Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd) with larger workshop, better R&D/design environment, and more efficient products capacity. While insist on our principle with "High Quality" products New facility with over 2000 square meters has the Bending machine, Plate shearing machine, Wire drawing machine, Sander, Welding machine, Compressor, Forklift equipment. And a professional Engineer team to design and evolve our products


Win-win with our customer together to create furture.

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