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Shoes sole vamp coating machine

Shoes sole vamp coating machine

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The Xinqinfeng Shoes sole vamp coating machine is really a cutting-edge product built to help footwear manufacturers simplify their manufacturing procedure and boost the quality among these footwears. This revolutionary product was designed to coat the soles and vamps of footwear with accuracy and precision, making sure the merchandise that is last for the greatest requirements.


Created from top-notch materials, the Xinqinfeng Shoes sole vamp coating machine is made to last. Its construction that is sturdy means it will withstand the rigors of everyday use and deliver constant results every time. This device is resistant to put up and tear, that makes it a good investment for just about any manufacturing plant insurance firms a durable exterior.


The machine is not difficult to focus, in addition to its design that is user-friendly means even novice operators can learn how to easily apply it. The settings are intuitive; therefore, the device's user interface is not difficult, enabling operators to modify the settings quickly and achieve the specified results.


The Xinqinfeng Shoes sole vamp coating machine is extremely versatile and will be employed to coat many footwear materials, including leather, material, and artificial materials. Its versatility helps it be a device that is vital any shoe maker, no matter type of footwear they produce.


The equipment's high-level technology means that the coatings it applies are even and consistent, supplying a top-notch finish that improves the look of this product this is certainly last. The coatings are often durable and gives a level that is a lot of against wear and tear, making them suitable for footwear being designed for every single usage day.


The Xinqinfeng Shoes sole vamp coating machine occupies minimal space to the manufacturer, making it a perfect investment for shoe manufacturers who have limited living area using its compact design. Its efficient operation means that it could process a premier amount of footwear in a reduced period, decreasing the manufacturing period and productivity that is increasing.




Product Description


Production Features:


  • Automatic spray paint line includes the automatic dust removing,automatic spraying paint,automatic drying and automatic cooling,Save labor and cost,improve the efficiency

  • Spray evenly,high precision,the running accuracy is within 0.2mm,  the spraying accuracy is within 0.2-1mm

  • Flexible spraying size can save 20% paint

  • High efficiency,can reach continuous work for 24 hours, the output is 3-5 times than the labor

  • Fully visual touch screen control, operate easily, can save and read the data quickly

  • Spraying degugging is simple within ten mins,The program is easy to operate


Process Flow of Spray Painting
1.Loading --pretreatment --electrostatic dedusting --bottom painting --surface drying --finishing painting --curving--cooling --unloading --vauum metariation 



Product Pictures:


auto spray paint line-1.jpg

auto spray paint line-3.jpg

auto spray paint line-2.jpg

auto spray paint line.jpgAutomatic spray line.jpg

-3.jpg-2.jpgspraying process.jpg




Automatic spray paint line are widely used to the workpiece which will be achieve high efficicency ,high output.

Such as all kinds of bottle,wine bottle, Cosmetics bottles, cosmetic lid,glass cup,glass ball,hardware,plastic 

round disk,kitchen ware, helmet,rearview mirror etc irregualr shapes