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Spray Paint Machine For Helmet

Spray Paint Machine For Helmet

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The Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Machine for Helmet may be the tool this is certainly perfect anybody looking to change their helmet with simplicity. This machine that is easy is yet powerful unparalleled control and accuracy, helping you to produce the helmet design you have always dreamed of.

The Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Machine for Helmet is easy to utilize and transport along with its lightweight and design that is compact. Its ergonomic grip can ensure that won't experience any vexation or tiredness, no matter the amount of time your painting sessions last.

Having a engine is effective adjustable spray nozzle, the Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Machine for Helmet delivers an excellent mist of paint that covers your helmet evenly and completely. This machine allows you to quickly attain professional-looking results each time whether you're looking to include logos, visuals, or other designs to your helmet.

Made with security in your mind, the Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Machine for Helmet is equipped with a security lock that prevents spraying that is accidental. This feature is particular it when you try not to suggest compared to that you'll not waste any paint or damage your helmet by accidentally spraying.

The Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Machine for Helmet could be incredibly easy to completely clean and keep, due to its durable and surface this is certainly easy-to-wipe. Simply rinse the nozzle with warm water and invite it air dry, or wipe clean insurance firms a soft cloth to remove any paint this is certainly excess.

It's not only user-friendly and versatile, the Xinqinfeng Spray Paint Machine for Helmet normally very reasonable. Its low cost helps it is a choice that is excellent budget-conscious helmet owners who want to put in a individual touch using their gear without breaking the financial institution.


Product Description

Production Features:


  • Operate easy and simple,single person can operate it

  • Mini type,Occupy small area

  • Automatic spraying,high efficiency, Save labor cost

  • Factory Price,Competitive price

  • High quality,One year Warranty

Fast Switch Spray Paint Machine Parameter List



Revolution  switch

(1 set)

1. Rotating accuracy:1 °;

2. Speed adjustment: touch screen parameter adjustment;

3. Using 86 stepper motor with reducer drive;





1. Adopt 30w Taiwan brand mini speed motor,electronic speed governor for slide rail;

2. Rotation speed: Adjusted by electronic governor

3. The motor is equipped with a gear reducer with a reduction ratio of 1:3

4. Single side can bear weight less than or equal to 3KG

NC function

and configuration


1. The control system use Taiwan FETEK PLCFBS-14MCT. The speed and trip can be adjustable.

2. The HMI use the Beijing MCGS 7 inch color touch screen. All adjustable parameters can be visualized and the button operation is simple.

Electronic control system

1.The air switch use the CHINT brand components;

2.The switching power supply use the Taiwan MEANWELL power;

3.It use the Japan OMRAON brand original proximity switch and reply;

4.The circuit use the GB-line to be assembled in the case;

5.All joints are marked with wire ear and computer code;

6.Adopting independent electric control box will prevent the electrical elements from being damaged from the paint,water,dust effectively and reduce the fire hazards. 

Air Pressure


The pressure regulating valve,barometer,electromagnetic valve and wind pipe are all adopt well-know brand products.The brand is slightly different due to the inventory changes.

The Cable

The cable use silicon soft wire which is perfect for the frequent reciprocating motion. Longer life time than the regular wires.

Major Structure

1.The rack is made of international welding standard square box section.Taking full account of material mechanics design, the stability is good

2.The surface treatment:Stainless steel primary color

Automatic spray gun and

oil supply


( 1 set)

1. Automatic spraying guns:Japan ANEST IWATA brand WA-101 series automatic spraying. The  Japan ANEST IWATA brand 101 series automatic spraying gun with the calibre is 1.0mm. The qty is 4pcs.

2. A set of Taiwan diaphragm pump is equipped.the caliber is trisection.

3. A set of Oil pipe, air pipe,oil-water separator, pressure regulating valve, electromagnetic valve are equipped.


Product Pictures:





The Mini automatic spraying machine or Mini automatic spraying painting Line is wildly used in the field of plastic,Metal,stainless,glass,wood etc round,cylindrical,conical shapes or other irregular ,small type shapes' furface spraying,such as cellphone shell,glass cup, lamp shell,helmet,bottles,holder,cosmetics lid etc project.



Question 1: I don't know anything about the machine. Will you provide the technical support?

Answer: Sure. Every machine will be test before delivery. We will make sure there is no problem for the machine while it leave our factory.
When the equipment is small and standard ,such as five axis spraying equipment,mini spraying line, small tunnel furnance or ovens,spraying power booth,curing furnace etc, We can send the detailed user manual and video to 

help you install and operate the equipment. Of course,You can arrange 2-3 smart workers to come to our factory to learn how to operate the machine.

If the machine is spraying line and big,When the machine arrives your factory, we will send the experts to your factory to help for installation and commissioning. Operation training will be provide. Maintenance tips will be given and enough spare parts be provided.
Also, we provide consulting service for creating the proper facilities for running the machine.

Question 2: What is price of the machine?

Answer: Normally, Most of the machine is customized for our customer. If you have any drawing or any information on specification of the machine, please send to us for quote.
If you are totally new in this area, please send us the detail infos about your workpiece as blow:

1. The maximum size of workpiece:

2. The max weight of workpiece:

3. The output per month/per day:

4. Heating Temperature and Time(If you need the drying equipment):

5. Color changing(How many colors? How long will it take to change other colors ?)

6. Spraying process(What paint will you use? Spraying times?  )

7. The workshop size for the equipment:

8. Some work-piece pics are needed:

9. The power: industrial three phase voltage

10. Other requirements from customer: