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Bottle Glass Vacuum Coating Machine

Bottle Glass Vacuum Coating Machine

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The Bottle Glass Vacuum Coating Machine from Xinqinfeng is a top-notch, versatile machine and ideal for coating cup bottles on most shapes and sizes. The equipment was made with all the current technology is certainly latest and includes a software that is user-friendly means it really is an easy task to perform and adjust.

The apparatus utilizes a vacuum coating process to make use of a slim, consistent layer of metal or any other material to the area associated with the cup bottles. This process improves the appearance of the containers while also enhancing their opposition and durability to put on and tear.

Among the many standout options that come with the Xinqinfeng Bottle Glass Vacuum Coating Machine is its power to manage a range this is certainly wide of sizes and shapes. The equipment can coat bottles having a diameter up to 110mm and a height as high as 280mm, rendering it a choice is certainly versatile manufacturers whom need to coat a lot of different container is various.

Another feature is key of Xinqinfeng Bottle Glass Vacuum Coating Machine is its efficient usage of materials. The cleaner layer procedure permits precise control associated with wide range of material applied to each container, minimizing waste and reducing costs. Furthermore, the unit's advanced sensors and settings monitor the process in real-time, ensuring constant and layer is accurate time.

The Xinqinfeng Bottle Glass Vacuum Coating Machine normally fashioned with safety in your mind. The device's fully enclosed design protects operators from experience of materials which are potentially harmful while its advanced safety features prevent accidental spills or accidents.

Finally, the Xinqinfeng brand is a trusted and name that is respected the vacuum cleaner coating industry. The organization has a history is long of gear that top-notch matches certain requirements of manufacturers across an array of companies.


Product Description

Production Features:


  • Operate easy and simple,single person can operate it

  • Mini type,Occupy small area

  • Automatic spraying,high efficiency, Save labor cost

  • Factory Price,Competitive price

  • High quality,One year Warranty

Product Specification:





The external dimension of the Rack

The dimension: L2700mm x D1000mm x H850mm (1 set)


     The rack

The rack is made of welding 50# square box section. The   bottom of rack has the truckle and foot cup. The height is adjustable. The   rack is sealed by the plate, The structure is compact and generous.


The Conveyor Chain

The conveyor chain use special chain of automatic line. The   pitch is 50.8mm, the total length is 6.4m. Each two pitch distance use one   special fixture for the product.


The Motor

The motor use Taiwan imported 0.5HP gear reducer motor to   transmission. The speed of chain is adjusted by adopting 1HP ZONCN frequency   transformer. The chain speed is adjustable within 0.1m/min- 5m/min. The   frequency control of the motor speed is energy saving.


The Friction Rotation Devise

It has two sets of special friction system, The motor   adopts 200W electronic speed regulating motor. It can positive and negative   rotation.


The Electronic Control

The electronic control is mainly use China famous brand   CHINT brand. The indicator light, the switch, relay and contacts are equipped   with the overload protection. The parts of Electronic Control is placed in   the below of racks.


The surface treatment

Computer white electrostatic powder coating


Paint and Oil Feeding System

1. The automatic spray-gun use Japan ANEST IWATA   WA-101 automatic spray gun. The caliber is 1.0mm. The qty of the guns is six.   A set of adjustable support brackets is equipped.

2. Two sets of trisection diaphragm pumps are   equipped.

3. It is equipped with relative oil pipe, Air pipe,   pressure regulating valve, oil-water separator and a set of electric magnetic   Valve.


Product Pictures:




The Mini automatic spraying machine or Mini automatic spraying painting Line is wildly used in the field of plastic, Metal, stainless, glass, wood etc. round, cylindrical, conical shapes or other irregular ,small type shapes' furface spraying, such as cellphone shell, glass cup, lamp shell, helmet, bottles, holder, cosmetics lid etc. project.

mini application.jpg