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Introduction to the principle of PVD vacuum coating

Dec 01, 2023 1

PVD, physical vapor deposition, is an advanced surface treatment method widely used internationally. Its working principle is to use gas discharge to partially separate the gas or evaporated material under vacuum conditions, deposit the evaporated material or its reactants onto the substrate, and bombard the gas ions or evaporated material ions at the same time. It is characterized by fast deposition speed, clean surface, especially strong adhesion of the film layer, strong winding force, and a wide range of plating materials. Utilize the world's advanced magnetron sputtering ion plating and multi-arc ion plating process equipment, and conduct process innovation based on international experts. The company has more than ten years of experience in the production of decorative coatings and provides customers with the most suitable coating processing solutions.

1. What are the properties of PVD vacuum coating?

The metallic color is uniform, consistent and durable, and can maintain a good appearance for a long time in various basic air and direct sunlight environments. The colors are deep and the colors are bright.

Saves the time and cost required to clean and polish electroplated brass or metal. Use a soft cloth and glass cleaner to clean the PVD film and clean the PVD film layer.

Does not pollute the environment and avoid chemical poisoning and VOC emission.

Biologically compatible

2. PVD vacuum coating characteristics

The adhesion is extremely strong and can be folded more than 90 degrees without cracking or peeling (PVD coating has high adhesion and durability). Other processes, including electroplating and spraying, are incomparable.

Any imaginable pattern can be etched.

Can be used for decoration or outdoor use.

Pressure reducing coating, anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion. It has good corrosion resistance, stable chemical properties and good acid resistance. Mobile phone PVD coating resistance.

The paint shell is easy to remove paint and fingerprints.

Under strong light, salted wetlands and urban environments, it will not lose its luster, oxidize, fade, fall off, or crack. High wear resistance, scratch resistance, not easy to scratch. A wide range of plateable materials are available, and the bonding force with the substrate is very strong.

3. Decorative paint color series

This product can be used to plate CrN.TiAlN.TiAlN.TiAlN on the surface of stainless steel, copper, titanium-zinc-aluminum alloy and other metals. Gold, copper, rose gold, silver, black, soot, copper, brown, purple, blue, burgundy, copper and other colors, and the color and quality can be supplied according to your requirements. At the same time, EMI films, semipermeable films, non-conductive films, etc. can also be plated on the surface of plastic products.

4. Scope of application of PVD vacuum coating

It is widely used in the processing and manufacturing of electronic products, door and window hardware, kitchen and bathroom hardware, lamps, marine products, jewelry, handicrafts, and other decorations. PVD has become quite popular in the field of daily hardware, and many of the world's leading hardware manufacturers have begun to develop PVD products and begin mass production. The rich colors make PVD easy to match, its excellent resistance to harsh environments, easy to clean, and non-fading properties make it very popular among consumers. In particular, the copper series coatings are widely used around the world to replace copper and electroplated copper products.

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