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The most complete spray gun maintenance guide

Dec 01, 2023 1

Some masters can use the same spray gun normally for many years, while some masters have only used it for a few months and the spray gun has changed beyond recognition. why? The main reason is that some masters maintain the spray gun well, while other masters are careless and fail to maintain it properly. So, how should the spray gun be maintained and maintained? Below, THE CARD Hardware Tools has summarized several maintenance tips for you, hoping to be helpful to all spray painting technicians.

After using the spray gun, clean and dry it promptly:

During spraying operations, paint is accidentally stained on the surface of the spray gun, and part of the paint remains in the internal structure of the spray gun after spraying operations. These are inevitable problems. Therefore, in order to ensure that the spray gun does not cause contamination and clogging problems, after using the spray gun, you must clean the spray gun in time, especially every small hole in the nozzle and hood must be carefully cleaned. Moreover, after cleaning, the spray gun must be dried in time to prevent the spray gun from being oxidized or leaving stains.

Choose the right cleaning fluid and professional cleaning tools:

To clean the spray gun well, the choice of cleaning fluid and cleaning tools is also very important. For cleaning fluids, acidic and alkaline cleaning fluids must be rejected, and a cleaning fluid with a pH value between 6-8 must be selected, so that it can be clean and will not cause corrosion to the inside of the spray gun. As for cleaning tools, be sure not to use hard steel wires, pins, paper clips, etc. to avoid damage to the air holes, nozzles, etc. The correct approach is to find a manufacturer to buy cleaning tools for the spray gun, which is convenient and ensures the best cleaning effect.

Do not immerse the spray gun in cleaning fluid:

In order to thoroughly clean the remaining paint, many spray painters are used to soaking the spray gun in cleaning fluid, thinking that it will be easier to clean. In fact, this is wrong. Although soaking for a period of time is conducive to the full reaction of the cleaning fluid and the paint, soaking for too long can easily cause the cleaning fluid to enter the air channel of the spray gun, causing damage to the spray gun and greatly reducing the service life of the spray gun.

Master the correct installation and removal methods:

Problems with the spray gun may occur not only in the cleaning aspect, but also in the installation and disassembly process. Therefore, to ensure that the spray gun is intact, you must use professional tools and follow the correct steps to install or disassemble. In this regard, each spray gun of our THE CARD hardware tools is equipped with a corresponding installation and disassembly tool manual. As long as the masters operate according to the manual, the normal use of the spray gun can be guaranteed.

Regularly inspect spray gun parts:

Incorrect installation and disassembly, as well as careless bumps, may damage nozzles, needles and other components. Therefore, during use, you must check regularly. If these parts are damaged, they must be replaced in time to avoid poor spraying effects.

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