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Single-axis, dual-axis spraying machine

Single-axis, dual-axis spraying machine

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The Xinqinfeng Single-axis and Dual-axis Spraying Machine is perfect for those that require a sprayer that is reliable any task. This sprayer can certainly make any task easier and much more efficient whether you're a painter that is expert simply need a computer device for DIY projects. This highly higher rate device that is spraying designed to deliver a smooth and even finish to any surface.


The Xinqinfeng Single-axis and Dual-axis Spraying Machine comes with an engine this is certainly powerful delivers pressure that is constant you work, ensuring a regular application of paint each time. This is really due to its single-axis and dual-axis abilities which can be spraying enabling you to work with both little and big surfaces with simplicity. The sprayer additionally includes a nozzle this is certainly top-quality may be simply adjusted based on the task at hand.


One of the better reasons for the Xinqinfeng Single-axis and Dual-axis Spraying Machine could be the fact that it is incredibly user friendly. Just fill the equipment up's container together with your selected paint, plug to the unit, and start spraying. The equipment's ergonomic handle was made to reduce stress and fatigue in your hand that is own and, enabling you to benefit longer periods without disquiet.


The Xinqinfeng Single-axis and Dual-axis Spraying Machine is rate that is first regards to versatility. It could be applied to an array of surfaces, including steel, timber, synthetic, and much more. Also, it is well suited for an array of tasks, including artwork walls, furniture, as well as cars.


The Xinqinfeng brand is recognized for creating items that are top-notch deliver very good results. This spraying device is not any exception - it really is developed to final and will withstand even the ongoing work environments that are toughest. The system is made of sturdy materials that will withstand usage this is certainly regular and it's also backed by a guarantee that is comprehensive your reassurance.




Product Description

Production Features:


·         Online automatic spraying paint, simplify the middle stage from the human load-download workpiece

·         Fully enclosed spray pattern, reduce environmental pollution and man-made damage

·         Steady quality, spraying evenly

·         Automatic spraying, high efficiency, Save labor cost

·         Spraying debugging is simple within ten minster programs is easy to operate

·         Factory Price, Competitive price

·         High quality, One-year Warranty

Product Specification:



 The   conveyor line
            (1 set)

1.The   foot of machine is equipped with the adjustable foot cup.

2. The transmission system use standard carbon   steel with heavy load transmission roller.

3. The power   system: The motor use Taiwan WANSIN brand 1HP gear reducer motor.

4.The transducer use The Taiwan DELTA brand 1HP frequency converter.

5.A   set of transmission shaft, transmission parts are equipped with. (the speed   range is within 0.1-6m/min)

        Water Curtain

Spraying Booth
         (1 set)



1. The   bottom bracket is made of 50X50 stainless square box section   and equipped with the adjustable M14 foot cup.

2. The   tank is made by bending and welding 1.5mm 201# stainless steel sheets.


3. The   pump adopts the Taiwan vertical pipeline pump. A set of PVC pipe and valve   are also equipped.

4. The   exhaust fan use a set of Taiwan hongsheng 3HP centrifugal fan.   (the air volume is 8000 cubic meters per hour). The ventilation duct is not   included and provided by the customer.

5. The   light use one 40W explosion-proof light with hood.

6. A   set of electric control cabinet is equipped and the electrical accessories   use the well-known brand.

7. The   filtration system in the top of booth use the non-woven filter screen.


Single Axis   Reciprocating engine

( 1 set)



1. the effective trip is within 1500mm. (can be customized)

2. The length of guide rail is 1500mm.The sliding rail use   25 series flange type self-lubricating linear guideway from Taiwan Hiwin   brand with aluminum alloy module slider.

3. The sliding module adopt 65x65mm special aluminum for   the reciprocating engine.

4. The PLC use Taiwan FATEK, the speed and trip can be   adjustable.

5. The HMI use the Beijing MCGS 7-inch color touch screen.   All adjustable parameters can be visualized and the button operation is   simple.

6. The motor use the 400W low-inertia servo motor driving   from Taiwan DELTA brand.

7. A set of electric control cabinet is equipped and the   electrical accessories use the well-known brand.

8. 5M type synchronous wheel drive, the reciprocating   synchronous belt adopts L special steel wire belt.

9. The speed is 1-3m/mins (can be customized).

Automatic spray   gun and oil supply

( 1   set)

1. Automatic spraying guns: Japan ANEST   IWATA brand WA-101 series automatic spraying. The Japan ANEST IWATA   brand 101 series automatic spraying gun with the caliber is 1.0mm. The qty is   2pcs.

2. A set of Taiwan diaphragm pump is equipped.   The caliber is trisection.

3. A set of Oil pipe, air pipe, oil-water   separator, pressure regulating valve, electromagnetic valve is equipped.





The domestic electrostatic iron wind stick is installed in the   feeding area. Firstly dust

off the product, then enter the spraying room.


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